SERÇE-3 UAV Performs Flight at Land Aviation Command

"Life of Mehmetçi, Empowered by Domestic and National Technology" was held at the Land Aviation Command. In order for Mehmetçik to successfully fulfill his duty in all weather and terrain conditions, the Turkish defense industry, the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation affiliates and the Ministry of National Defense produced living areas, safety and convenience facilities, clothing, protective clothing, weapons, equipment and food supplies were introduced to the public.

Among the systems introduced at the exhibition, SERÇE-3 Multi-Rotor Unmanned Flying System, which stands out with its high payload carrying capacity and wind resistance and fully autonomous usage features, was also included among the systems introduced by ASELSAN. SERÇE-3's flight was also performed during the presentation.

In order to ensure the close security of the base area, the images obtained from the air by SERÇE are continuously examined, so that the necessary precautions are taken in advance against possible attacks on the base area.

SERÇE-2016 and SERÇE-1 systems, which were signed with the Defense Industry Presidency (the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry at the time) in December 2 and needed for the Land Forces Command, the Air Force Command, the Gendarmerie General Command and the General Directorate of Security, were delivered and put into use. Later, the new SERÇE-3 system was developed, which includes the feedback received from the field and the additional requests requested by the user for the needs of the Land Forces Command and Air Forces Command.

The communication range of SERÇE-3 system was increased to 1 kilometers compared to SERÇE-2 and 10. 3D Map Simulation has been added to the ground control station of the Sparrow-3 system, to which the Laser Distance Meter is added as payload.

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