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What is Electronic Signature?

Electronic Signature (e-signature) is a digital authentication method that enables secure signing of digital documents or messages. It has similar legal value to a physical signature placed on traditional paper and can be used in the digital world. [...]

vw passat new generation
German Car Brands

New generation Volkswagen Passat may be announced soon

Volkswagen will introduce the new generation Passat Volkswagen has announced the introduction date of the new generation Passat as August 31. The model expected in the D segment comes with big changes. VW shelved the sedan model and switched to the station wagon model. [...]

izmir picnic

Izmir Picnic Places | Izmir Picnic Areas

İzmir is one of the most popular cities in Turkey with its natural beauties and historical buildings. Therefore, there are many places to have a picnic in Izmir. Here are some of the most beautiful places to have a picnic in Izmir: Karagöl [...]

formula 1

No rain expected at Monza GP

The weather will be hot and dry in Monza. After the rainy Zandvoort race, all eyes will turn to Monza, Italy, this weekend. First weather forecasts at Monza, one of the fastest tracks in Formula 1 [...]

Volkswagen Saviero
German Car Brands

Volkswagen introduced the new model Saveiro

Volkswagen Saveiro went on sale in South America with its new generation Volkswagen introduced the new generation of Saveiro, one of the favorite models of South America. Known for its name from Brazil's traditional fishing boats, the model has been around since 1982. [...]

mclaren is not enough
formula 1

Norris: "Car racing pace still not enough"

Lando Norris commented on the racing speed of McLaren, which was inadequate compared to Aston Martin and Mercedes in the Dutch Grand Prix. “I don't think our pace is bad,” Norris said. Our pace was good; but it wasn't good enough. of Aston [...]

vw rabbit
German Car Brands

Could the Volkswagen Rabbit be re-emerging?

Volkswagen continues to make special statements for the American continent. The brand, in a statement on its official Twitter account, winked again at the name Rabbit, which replaced the first and fifth generation Golf within the borders of America. This [...]