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Toyota's GR GT3 concept displayed

Toyota's new sports car was caught on camera while being tested on the dusty ground of the track. The concept version that we previously saw under the name "GR GT3" has now become a real car. Displayed at the Motegi circuit [...]


Honda 2023 September Price List

Honda City Price List September 2023 Honda City is Honda's compact sedan model. Honda City offers large interior and trunk volume, keyless entry and start, and Android Auto support. MODEL Hardware August Price [...]

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Sedan models still remain important for Lexus

Sedans in Europe have been attracting increasing attention lately. In the first half of 2023, more than 50 percent of the vehicles sold in Europe will be sedan models rather than SUVs. However, despite this trend, Lexus continues to operate in some markets [...]

nissan arya
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Nissan started testing Ariya Nismo

Nissan is preparing to take an ambitious step in the electric car market. Spy photos obtained during Ariya Nismo's testing processes give the first signals of this exciting development. Nissan engineers developed the Ariya Nismo model [...]

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New generation battery technologies coming from Toyota

Toyota is preparing to start production of new generation electric vehicles from 2026. Developing cars that offer advanced driving experience with its new generation electric vehicles, Toyota is working on new battery projects that will exceed the needs and expectations of customers. [...]

lexus euroncap
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Lexus RZ received 5 stars in Euro NCAP test

Premium car manufacturer Lexus' new model RZ was awarded 5 stars by the independent vehicle safety testing organization Euro NCAP. The electric RZ, which will be available for sale in Turkey in the last quarter of 2023, has an attractive design and high efficiency. [...]

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Toyota unveils the new luxury SUV, the Century

Toyota entered the luxury SUV market with the Century SUV. Toyota stepped into the world of luxury automobiles with a brand new model: Century SUV. This flashy SUV is often referred to as the Japanese version of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and [...]


Infiniti unveils QX Monograph concept

The QX Monograph introduced the SUV concept. This special concept model has clues about the next generation version that will replace the current QX80 model in the coming periods. The striking design of the QX Monograph stands out especially on the front. [...]

mitsubishi xforce
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Mitsubishi officially introduced its new model Xforce

Mitsubishi has officially introduced the new compact crossover model Xforce. The model, which is offered for sale in Indonesia, comes with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine and CVT transmission. The Xforce has a ground clearance of 222 millimeters and a length of 4.390 millimeters. [...]

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New SUV from Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi Xforce

Mitsubishi Xforce is a model developed entirely by the Japanese manufacturer, unlike the Colt and ASX in the European market. Xforce's main target will be the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region, but Mitsubishi is the model in question. [...]

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Nissan Skyline Nismo unveiled in Japan

Nissan introduced the new Skyline Nismo. The model will only be available in Japan and only 1.000 units will be produced. The Skyline Nismo uses the 3.0-liter V6 engine of the Nissan Z Nismo. This engine is 420 horsepower. [...]