Tips for Dental Health During Pregnancy

Dental health should not be ignored during pregnancy because teeth affect not only the mother but also the child. While most routine treatments are completely safe during pregnancy, in the first trimester you can avoid dental treatments and [...]

Castrol-Ford team turkey pilots began rapidly to turkey rally championship

Can Congenital Hearing Loss Be Treated?

Konya Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine, ENT Diseases and Head and Neck Surgery Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Bahar Çolpan, with hearing implants in children with congenital hearing loss, the hearing disability can be completely eliminated. [...]

Plate Recognition System
Guest Posts

What is Plate Recognition System?

What is license plate recognition system? The increasing population, the improvement of vehicle production technology and the increase in the number of vehicle production in this direction brought many new systems. a more systematic, organized way of life. [...]


8 Suggestions for a Healthy Iftar Plate

There are only a few days left for another Ramadan month in the shadow of the pandemic. In the month of Ramadan, which we will enter in the uncertainty of the pandemic, which radically changed our daily living habits and greatly affected our eating habits, some rules were observed at the iftar tables. [...]

electric cars will fill side sectors

Electric Cars Will Generate Sub-Sectors

With the automotive industry turning to the electric motor, sub-sectors are expected to emerge. Famous economist and investment consultant Önder Tavukçuoğlu said that with the transformation of the automotive sector to electric motor, sub-sectors will emerge. Live broadcast on Youtube [...]

pre-insurance pert vehicle inspection

Pre-Insurance Pert Vehicle Control

Vehicles that have become irreparable due to heavy damage are called pert vehicles. So, what are the details that buyers need to know when buying and selling pert vehicles? TÜV SÜD D-Expert is for you in its latest blog post. [...]