fisker production plan
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Fisker reduced its production target!

Fisker Revised Its Production Plans Fisker, which made a name for itself in the electric car industry, made changes in its production plans. The company, which will produce fewer vehicles in December, will [...]

tesla cybertruck yenifoto
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New photos of Tesla Cybertruck have emerged!

Official Photos of Tesla Cybertruck Have Been Released: Here are the Features of the New Model Tesla Cybertruck will be introduced at an event to be held on November 30. The vehicle has been in use since 2019, when its first prototype was shown. [...]

lucid gravitykm
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Lucid Gravity comes with high range!

Lucid Gravity Enters the Luxury SUV Market with a Range of More than 700 km! Electric car manufacturer Lucid announced its new model Gravity. Which will intensify competition in the luxury SUV segment [...]