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2021 Formula 1 calendar in Turkey None

The Turkish Grand Prix was not included in the calendar where Saudi Arabia was included in the championship for the first time and the race to be held on April 25 will be announced later. According to a statement from the FIA, the World Motor Sports Council [...]


Support Your Eye Health with Vitamins

Pharmacist Ayşen Dinçer, depending on the pandemic that started last year; He emphasizes that vitamin combinations are of great importance in preventing negative consequences on eye health caused by the increase in time spent in front of computers, phones, tablets or televisions. [...]


Will There Will Be Total Closure During Ramadan?

Today, the Scientific Committee will meet, and tomorrow the Cabinet will be chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Case increases will be discussed at both meetings. Whether there will be new measures, including the option of full closure during Ramadan [...]