Kia EV GT Named World's Best Performance Car

Kia EV6 GT Named World's Best Performance Car

Kia EV2022, which was chosen as the Car of the Year in 6, was deemed worthy of the 'World's Best Performance Car' award at the 'World Automobile Awards', which is shown as one of the most prestigious automobile awards in the world, with its GT version. at the New York International Auto Show [...]

Hyundai IONIQ Launched in Europe

Hyundai IONIQ 6 Launched in Europe

Hyundai Motor Company has also launched its second model under the IONIQ brand, dedicated to purely electric vehicles (BEVs). The second model, called the IONIQ 6 and produced with the E-GMP platform, is Hyundai's Electrified Streamliner product. [...]

Hyundai i Now More Lively and More Comfortable

Hyundai i10 Now More Lively and More Comfortable

Hyundai renewed the i10 model, which reached significant sales figures in the European market. Coming with more vibrant colors and a more stylish design, the i10 offers advanced connectivity, comfort elements and generally only in the upper segments. [...]

Hyundai Reached Record Market Share in Europe

Hyundai Reaches Record Market Share in Europe

Hyundai continued to strengthen its position in Europe in 2022, marked by uncertainty. End zamAttracting all the attention with its new technologies and strong product range developed at the same time, Hyundai is also the sector leader with its successful sales results. [...]

Hyundai Introduces New B SUV Model KONA

Hyundai Introduces New B-SUV Model KONA

Hyundai Motor Company has released the first images promoting the new generation of the B-SUV model KONA. Developed on the basis of an all-electric model, the New KONA stands out with a futuristic design. Upgraded over previous generation [...]

Hyundai IONIQ Received Two Awards in One Day

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Wins Two Awards in One Day

Hyundai's all-electric SUV, the IONIQ 5, won the "Imported Car of the Year 2022-2023" award at the Car of the Year (JCOTY) competition in Japan. The IONIQ 5, the first model of Hyundai's battery electric vehicle (BEV) brand, rivals its strong rivals. [...]

Kia Named 'Car Manufacturer of the Year'

Kia Named 'Car Manufacturer of the Year'

TopGear, the automobile program that has been followed by the whole world since 1977, awarded the best brands and models of the year with its award program in England. In the organization organized under the name of ' Awards', Kia was named 'The Year of the Year'. [...]

Hyundai Announces the Roadmap of the Future

Hyundai Announces Future Roadmap

Hyundai Motor Group has announced its new global strategy to transform all its vehicles into “Software Defined Vehicles” by 2025. Hyundai is poised to usher in an unprecedented era in mobility with its industry-leading initiative. to customers [...]

Hyundai's Electric N Move RNe

Electric N Move from Hyundai: RN22e

N, the sub-brand of Hyundai established for performance models, has also taken over the electrics after the gasoline models. Based on the IONIQ 6, the RN22e will create awareness among performance EV models in the very near future. [...]

New Kia EV and New Niro EV Introduced in Cyprus

New Kia EV6 and New Niro EV Introduced in Cyprus

Kia, which started its transformation journey in 2021 with the slogan of "Inspirational Journey", held a press event in TRNC for its new electric vehicles EV6 and Niro. At the event, the brand's electrification strategy and electric models were introduced. Sustainable [...]