new target in automotive exports is the continent

New Target in Automotive Export America

Auto Expo, Turkey's first and only three-dimensional digital exhibition in the automotive industry, organized by the Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters' Association (OIB) with the support of the TR Ministry of Commerce and coordination of TİM, will take place in the North and South Side [...]


Benefits of a Complete Healing Fruit Date

Dates, which we do not miss on our tables during Ramadan, are rich in fiber as well as contain potassium, magnesium, copper and B vitamins. It is also a very rich food with antioxidants that strengthen our immunity. Contains these vitamins and minerals [...]


7 Golden Rules for Defeating Reflux in Ramadan

Associate Professor from the Department of Gastroenterology at Memorial Kayseri Hospital. Dr. Mustafa Kaplan gave information about bile and acid reflux and gave important warnings. Reflux, seen in approximately 20% of people, is the length of the fasting period.zamin Ramadan due to the [...]

Fuel stations compete for the environment

Fuel Stations Compete for the Environment

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on environmental investments to make Bursa a healthier and livable city, organizes an 'Environmentally friendly green station' competition to encourage energy saving and environmental projects. Bursa [...]

antalya window film

Antalya Window Film

Making Window Film in Antalya Located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, the city of Antalya is much hotter than any other city, especially in spring and summer. This temperature is especially for vehicle drivers. [...]


Make Your Breakfast For A Healthy Heart!

Near East University Hospital Cardiology Department Head Prof. Dr. Hamza Duygu stated that people who do not have breakfast or skip breakfast have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and that these diseases are related to these diseases. [...]