Speak English fluently

How is English learned?

Here zamto learn English anytime and anywhere zamcreate the moment. You can improve your language skills by reading English books, listening to online podcasts, watching TV, and practicing with English speakers. This is hard to do at first [...]

Toyota has the lowest emissions brand

Toyota Lowest Emissions Brand

Toyota once again came to the fore as the brand with the “lowest CO2020 emissions” in 2, according to the average emissions based on total sales. According to JATO data, all sales in 2020 [...]

The address of the reliable hand makes a difference in years with the solutions it offers at truckstore.
German Car Brands

Reliable 2nd Hand Address, TruckStore Makes a Difference in 2021 with Its Solutions

TruckStore, the brand of Mercedes-Benz Türk that continues its 2nd hand activities in the field of trucks, continues to contribute to the sector with the solutions it offers. TruckStore, the brand of Mercedes-Benz Türk, which has been carrying out its 2009nd hand activities in the field of trucks since 2, has become a brand both for the domestic market and for the domestic market. [...]


MKEK Enerjitik Materials Production Facility Opened

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced KOSGEB's new program with a budget of 5 billion TL. Noting that micro and small-scale enterprises and technology-based start-ups working in the manufacturing sectors affected by the pandemic can apply for support, the President [...]