Electric Vehicles

  • Live broadcast started from togg gemlik facility
    TOGG has launched a live broadcast that will continue 7/24 without slowing down in Gemlik Facility, which is the core of its 'Journey to Innovation' goal. With the functions it collects under the same roof and its smart and environmental features, “From a Factory [...]
  • electric cars will fill side sectors
    With the automotive industry turning to electric motors, sub-sectors are expected to emerge. Famous economist and investment consultant Önder Tavukçuoğlu said that with the transformation of the automotive industry to electric motors, subsidiary sectors will arise. Speaking on the live broadcast he attended on Youtube, economist Önder Tavukçuoğlu said, “Automotive [...]
  • xiaomi will produce electric cars
    Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi announced that it has officially entered the automotive industry with its new smart electric vehicle (EV) unit. The statement that will stimulate the electric car market came from China. China-based phone company Xiaomi has officially announced that it has entered the automotive industry. 100 percent [...]
  • porsche tum electric cars charging network founded on the turkiyeye
    Porsche was the first car brand to establishing charging network for all electric cars in Turkey. So far across the country with an investment of $ 7.8 million that performs the installation of 100 charging stations Porsche Turkey, the end of the year the amount of investment 10 [...]
  • The charging time of the domestic car has decreased and its range has increased to more than km
    There have been new developments in the excitedly and highly anticipated domestic car. Farasis, with which TOGG collaborates on batteries, has developed a new generation battery with high energy density. Thus, the range of the domestic car will increase by 25 percent. More than 500 kilometers with full battery [...]

Hybrid Vehicles

  • lowered interest rates in suzuki vitara swift hybrid and sx s cross model
    Suzuki, owned by "Suzuki Smart Hybrid Technology" offered by the Turkey market, has announced an ambitious hybrid vehicle models in April sales practices for efficiency and safety. In this context, Suzuki's smartphones consisting of Vitara, SX4 S-Cross and Swift [...]
  • great interest in toyota hybrid models
    With the pandemic period, while personal preferences for environmentally friendly vehicles instead of fossil fuel cars continue to increase, institutions and organizations that want to reduce their carbon footprint have turned to cars with hybrid technology. Toyota, the pioneer and leading brand of hybrid technology, [...]
  • Special campaign for February at the swift, the best selling hybrid of its class
    Swift Hybrid, the best-selling hybrid car of its segment in 2020 among B segment hatchback vehicles, offers car lovers special deals for February. Over 20 percent fuel savings, standard advanced safety within the scope of the month-long campaign [...]

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

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