Electric Vehicles

  • Anel Elektrik will do the electrical works at the togg gemlik facility.
    Anel Elektrik will establish the electrical infrastructure of the Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) Gemlik Campus Project. Anel Elektrik has undertaken the electrical works of TOGG Gemlik Campus. Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) Gemlik Campus Project water treatment plant, treatment plant, entrance center [...]
  • Turkey's first domestic electric bus got off the band
    Developed in cooperation with TEMSA and ASELSAN, the first XNUMX% domestic electric bus of the Turkish automotive industry, Avenue EV, is getting ready to hit the road. The first deliveries of the vehicles, which are ready for mass production, will be made in the coming days. The leader of the Turkish bus market [...]
  • Karsan won the tender for the electric bus in Weilheim, Germany
    The domestic manufacturer Karsan, which offers transportation solutions suitable for the mobility needs of the era in its factory in Bursa, won the electric bus tender held in Weilheim, Germany. In order to make the public transportation of the city more modern, more environmentally friendly and user-friendly [...]

Hybrid Vehicles

  • The renewed toyota camry is on sale in turkey
    Toyota's prestigious model in the E segment, the Camry, has been renewed and has a more dynamic design and is equipped with new technologies. The renewed Camry was offered for sale in Turkey with prices starting from 998 thousand TL. The Toyota Camry was first introduced in 1982. [...]
  • enterprise strengthens its hybrid fleet with lexus es h
    Enterprise Turkey continues to strengthen its fleet with electric and hybrid vehicles. The brand, which recently added the world's first premium SUV, the Lexus RX 300, to its vehicle fleet as part of its cooperation with Lexus, this time the electric motor hybrid Lexus. [...]

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

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