Electric Vehicles

  • Peugeot Will Expand Its Electric Product Range
    For Peugeot, 2023 will be a year of rapid acceleration in terms of the transition of the product line to electric. From the first half of 2023, all Peugeot models will be available with one or more electric motor versions. Peugeot is getting ready to go electrified in 2023. to offer [...]
  • Moscow to Test GAZelle e City Electric Minibus
    SUE Mosgortrans will test the GAZelle e-City electric van. The vehicle was presented at the BWW Expo in Moscow. Such minibuses are perfect for narrow roads and small passenger traffic. Electric vans, terminals for contactless toll payment and charging of devices [...]

Hybrid Vehicles

  • Chery Sets New Standards in Hybrid Technology
    Chery, “DP-i Intelligent Hybrid Architecture” has set a new standard for the development of global hybrid technology, which is considered another major leap in “intelligent” manufacturing. Chery's “DP-i Intelligent Hybrid Architecture” is a four-way hybridization with fully independent R&D [...]
  • Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid in Turkey
    Having undersigned the first passenger car launch in the Turkish automotive industry in Adana, Toyota introduced the Corolla Cross Hybrid to members of the press with a comprehensive test drive. Corolla, which took its place in showrooms with prices starting from 835 thousand TL, especially for the launch period. [...]

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

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