Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles

  • thousands of people tested environmental tools for the first time
    Turkey celebrated the arrival of electric and hybrid vehicles for the second time with the participation of thousands of people. Electric and Hybrid Driving Week, organized by the Turkish Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Association (TEHAD), was held on the AutoDrom track area in Tuzla, Istanbul on September 11-12. [...]
  • introduced with the new ford fiesta hybrid version
    Ford Fiesta, the popular model of its segment with a history of more than 40 years, was introduced with its brand new impressive design and advanced technological features. Among the new generation technologies offered with the new Fiesta, the new Matrix LED headlights with anti-reflective feature in the high beams, [...]

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

  • hyundai unveils its vision to expand hydrogen
    With the philosophy of “Everyone, Everything and Everywhere”, Hyundai will popularize hydrogen by 2040. Announcing the Hydrogen Vision 2040 for this purpose, Hyundai will also reduce its production costs. Hyundai will also introduce fuel cells in all commercial vehicle models by 2028. [...]
  • daimler truck and shell cooperate on fuel cell trucks
    Together, Daimler Truck AG and Shell New Energies NL BV (“Shell”) are preparing to promote hydrogen-based fuel cell trucks in Europe. The companies signed an agreement focusing on this goal. Partners plan to build hydrogen tank infrastructure and fuel cell [...]