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Enjoy Interest-Free Car Buying

Everyone with a driver's license has a dream. 'Owning a car' Many people want to own a car, but the inflation effect and high interest rates can make the conditions a bit difficult. Certain to buy a car [...]


Reasons Affecting Children's Success!

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. If a child is unsuccessful, he is usually blamed for not making an effort. However, the right approach and support of the family is of great importance in the success of the child. your child [...]


ASELSAN Mortar Delivery System

The Mortar Concentration System can be used with 81 mm and 120 mm manual mortars. System; shortening the deposition time, reducing the user errors (misdirection, wrong side-rising coupling, etc.), shortening the time between shots and shooting [...]


Ways to Prevent Cancer

Thanks to advances in medicine, improvements in treatment methods and early diagnosis, zamDefined as the “disease of the age”, cancer ceased to be a disease identified with “death”. However, pandemic conditions, cancer treatment [...]