ford trucks looking to market with hope

Ford Trucks Aims Record in 2021

Welcoming 2021 with new products and developments, Ford Trucks accelerated its global growth in the heavy commercial market by stepping into new markets for the coming period, after 2020, which was left behind with success despite the compelling effects of the pandemic. [...]


Ways to Reduce Sugar Consumption

Today, processed sugar, which is used extensively in almost every food and whose consumption is increasing, is only used to flavor foods and beverages. Processed sugar that does not benefit the human body, especially obesity [...]

It started with spring rally in basement

Started with Spring Rally in Bodrum

The first race of the 2021 Şevki Gökerman Rally Cup, organized by Karya Automobile Sports Club in cooperation with Bodrum Promotion Foundation (BOTAV) and Bodrum Municipality, was completed with a successful organization. [...]


Consume Compote at Iftar and Sahur Tables

In order to both eat healthy and protect our immunity against the epidemic during the month of Ramadan, all the meals that we have made so far at iftar and sahur tables zamWe are in a period where we need to be more careful than the moments. from the fasting period [...]

Aston martin's new model rapide am going to talk a lot

Stress Is Pouring Hair In Men!

Stating that hair loss has become the most discussed and constantly sought solution of today, Dr. Emrah Çinik said that stress causes hair loss in men. Hair loss is an important psychological [...]