Speak English fluently

How is English learned?

Here zamto learn English anytime and anywhere zamcreate the moment. You can improve your language skills by reading English books, listening to online podcasts, watching TV, and practicing with English speakers. Doing this can be difficult at first, but once you take a step [...]

Toyota has the lowest emissions brand

Toyota Lowest Emissions Brand

Toyota stood out once again as the brand with the “lowest CO2020 emission” according to average emissions based on total sales in 2. According to JATO data, the average CO2020 emissions of all vehicles sold in 2 are 97.5 [...]

Minister Amcaoglu Tests TRNC's Domestic Car GUNSEL

Minister Amcaoğlu Tests TRNC's Domestic Car GÜNSEL

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Minister of Education and Culture Olgun Amcaoğlu tested TRNC's domestic car GÜNSEL in the test drive area of ​​GÜNSEL Production Facilities located on the campus of Near East University and about the ongoing mass production studies. [...]

auto shanghai i thousand people visited

Auto Shanghai 2021 Visited 810 Thousand People

The 10th Shanghai Auto Show, which lasted for 19 days and hosted automotive manufacturers from all over the world, closed on Wednesday, April 28. The international auto industry fair (Auto Shanghai 19), which opened its doors on April 2021, is about [...]

New label application on vehicle tires begins May

New Label Application on Vehicle Tires Starts on May 1

The new regulation on tire labels is equivalent to EU countries from 1 May 2021 zamIt will be implemented in our country immediately. The regulation prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Technology; It was published in the Official Gazette numbered 31457 and dated 17 April 2021 [...]

The period of rent support to tradesmen has been extended for a month

Lease Support for Tradesmen Has Been Extended by 1 Month

Trade Minister Mehmet Muş announced that the support for tradesmen and craftsmen who were adversely affected by the pandemic process was extended for another month. The decision was published in the Official Gazette. Trade Minister Mehmet Muş, tradesmen, craftsmen and real person merchants [...]

Karsan wins electric bus tender of mangalia city in romania

Karsan Wins Electric Bus Tender of Mangalia City in Romania

Offering public transportation solutions suitable for the mobility needs of the age with its innovative models, Karsan continues to be the choice of European cities with its electrical product range. Near zammade a name for itself with deliveries to Romania and finally to the city of Sucaeva [...]

domestic automobile togg will come to the market with a percentage of local

Domestic Cars TOGG Will Be Released With 50 Percent Localization Rate

Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology, answered the questions of journalists on Habertürk television, in a live broadcast he attended from the Informatics Valley. Emphasizing that Informatics Valley is the technology development zone with the largest indoor area in Turkey, Varank explained the advantages that technoparks provide to companies. Varank, [...]

formula returns to intercity istanbul park again
formula 1

Formula 1 is at Intercity Istanbul Park again

Formula 1TM, the world's most important motor sports organization, is returning to Intercity Istanbul Park as part of its 2021 calendar. Following the agreement of Intercity Istanbul Park with Formula 1TM management, it was under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey on 11 - 12 - 13 June. [...]

Dfsk seres and huaweiden nerve cooperation

Cross-Border Cooperation from DFSK SERES and Huawei!

Developed by DFSK Motors, China's third largest automobile manufacturer, SERES cooperated with technology giant Huawei to develop high-performance smart mobile travel solutions. Thanks to this collaboration, which completely reverses the traditional automobile market model, [...]

Volkswagen began construction of the third electric vehicle factory in China
German Car Brands

Volkswagen Starts Construction of Third Electric Vehicle Factory in China

According to information provided by Volkswagen China, the construction of Volkswagen Anhui MEB factory, which produces electric vehicles, has officially started. Construction is expected to be completed in mid-2022, and the first model is expected to go into production in the second half of 2023. The factory in question is owned by the Volkswagen Group. [...]

Castrol-Ford team turkey pilots began rapidly to turkey rally championship

Castrol Ford Team Turkey Wraps With Success Eskisehir Rally

The print history the name of giving the European Championship in Turkey Castrol Ford Team Turkey, organized by the Club Eskisehir Car racing, the FIA ​​included in the European Rally Cup, the first leg of the Turkey Rally Championship Eskisehir (ESOK) has successfully completed the rally. To Turkey [...]