Electric Vehicles

  • China's New Electro-SUV Makes a Fast Entry to the German Market
    Chinese automakers have been entering the European market at an accelerating pace for some time now. Chinese Aiways launched two more new models to the German market. The first model, the U5, is an electro-SUV with a length of 4 meters 68 centimeters. The design is extremely original and the same [...]
  • A Call to Use Local and National Maps for TOGG!
    Başarsoft, which uses the maps it produces for navigation systems by Google and Apple, wants TOGG, the domestic automobile project prepared for mass production, to use local maps in its navigation system. Making a statement to WORLD, Başarsoft's CEO Alim Küçükpehlivan continues to produce up-to-date maps. [...]

Hybrid Vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles