Electric Vehicles

  • China Introduces Homtruck Smart Truck Model with Autonomous Driving
    China-based commercial vehicle brand Farizon Auto shared its “next generation smart truck” model called “Homtruck” with the public. According to the data announced by the Chinese enterprise, the production and first delivery processes are planned for the beginning of 2024. Thanks to the equipment included in the vehicle, [...]
  • Turkey Prepares for the Electric Vehicle Revolution
    Turkey is getting ready for the electric vehicle revolution. An important step has been taken for the expansion of the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles, especially the domestic automobile TOGG. The regulation that will create the legal order of the charging stations is on the agenda of the Assembly. Electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Turkey [...]

Hybrid Vehicles

  • Here's the Brand New Suzuki S-CROSS
    Suzuki, one of the world's leading Japanese manufacturers, made the world premiere of the renewed SUV model S-CROSS with an online promotion. Designed to fully meet the needs of today's modern SUV users, the New S-CROSS is real with its flawless design and high functionality. [...]
  • New MG EHS with Rechargeable Hybrid Technology in Turkey
    The deep-rooted British car brand MG (Morris Garages) started to put its first rechargeable hybrid model on the roads of Turkey, for which it started pre-sales in September. Emphasizing that the new MG EHS has attracted great interest with its launch in Turkey, [...]

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles