New Decision from the Ministry of Health for Biontech Vaccine

The Ministry of Health announced that the second dose appointments made in the BioNTech vaccine will be preserved. New appointments will be given between 6-8 weeks. The statement made by the Ministry of Health is as follows: “Our Coronavirus Science Board is applied to our citizens within the scope of the vaccine program. [...]


Is Vertigo A Disease Or A Symptom Of A Disease?

Dizziness, which makes the person feel like they are spinning, is known as "vertigo". Contrary to popular belief, it is stated that vertigo is not a disease, but one of the symptoms of some diseases. Experts believe that vertigo affects the inner ear, eye and musculoskeletal system. [...]


Foods That Are Good for the Heart

Cardiovascular Surgeon Op. Dr. Orçun Ünal gave information about foods that are good for heart and vascular health. Green Tea: Contains high levels of antioxidants, vitamins A, E and C. antioxidant property [...]


5 Amazing Foods for a Quality Sleep

Expert Dietitian Aslıhan Küçük Budak gave information about the subject. You may notice that you gain weight unintentionally. Well, have you ever thought about what could be the reason for this? Weight gain status, [...]


Modern Solutions for Male Infertility

About one-fifth of married couples consult a doctor because they could not have children despite their desire. Infertility, in other words infertility problem, is encountered equally in both sexes and treatments are planned individually.  [...]


Eren Cudi-Besta and Eren Win-Son Operations Started

The Ministry of Interior announced that Eren Cudi-Besta and Eren Kazan-Oğul operations were launched in Şırnak and Hakkari with the participation of 5 personnel. The written statement from the Ministry of Interior is as follows: “Executions in northern Iraq, under the coordination of the Ministry of Interior, [...]


What is Skin Care?

Finish with a refreshing care set to keep the skin fresh for a long time. zamHere are the most preferred products of the moment. Skin care, which should be done for all parts of the body and often [...]