Meteksan Ends in Helicopter Obstacle Detection System

It has been announced that the laser-based Helicopter Obstacle Detection System signed between SSB and Meteksan has come to an end and will be introduced at IDEF'21. According to the newspaper published by Meteksan Defense, the laser-based Helicopter Obstacle Detection System has ended. [...]


12 Pandemic Recommendations for Heart Patients

prof. Dr. Harun Arbatlı gave information about what cardiovascular patients should pay attention to in order to protect their health during the Covid-19 pandemic. Like the typhus, smallpox, plague and Spanish flu seen in the past, the coronavirus [...]


Pandemic Increased Psychological Disorders in Children

Experts, who say that the anxiety and stress experienced due to the Covid -19 pandemic increase the psychological disorders in children, warn families. Experts, who stated that especially tic disorders increased during the pandemic period, stated that hand hygiene and cleaning rules should be followed. [...]


Frying Fish Destroys Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish is a complete health store with its numerous benefits when consumed regularly. Fish, which is the most important protein source of the Mediterranean diet, which forms the basis of healthy life, is one of the indispensables of life with many health benefits. [...]

Naval Defense

Preparations Continue for Amphibious Assault Ship ANATOLIA

The Turkish Naval Forces conducted joint trainings within the scope of the Operational Readiness Trainings of the Amphibious Mission Group Command. The Ministry of National Defense stated that preparations were made for the Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship ANATOLIA to be included in the inventory and [...]


1,5 kilograms of fibroids from her belly

Gulnara Elmuradova, 37 years old, learned that she had 1,5 fibroids in her abdomen weighing a total of 13 kilograms, during the examinations performed at the Near East University Hospital, where she applied with complaints of inguinal pain and bloating. Gynecology and Obstetrics [...]