The delightful story of opel dogfish, which has become a cult
German Car Brands

Shark Will Be Used In Future Opel Models

German automotive manufacturer Opel reflects its passion for marine in its current product range as in the past. This passion, which is revealed in legendary models such as Kadett, Admiral, Kapitän, is the dog hidden in the cockpits of Opel branded cars from the Manta fish logo. [...]

great danger waiting for production in domestic cars

Major Danger Awaiting Production in Domestic Cars

While the prices of minerals used in electric vehicles such as copper, lithium and nickel are increasing rapidly, the exchange rates and the tax burden will make the domestic automobile at the expense of fire. According to the report of Taylan Büyükşahin from Sözcü; “Commodity prices that broke record after record in global markets, [...]

New calendar works started for formula tm turkish grand prix
formula 1

New Calendar Work Started for Formula TM 1 Turkish Grand Prix

For the Formula 11TM Turkish Grand Prix 13, which is planned to be held between 1 and 2021 June at Intercity Istanbul Park, under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, there will be a difference in the 2021 race calendar due to the travel restrictions decision taken by the British Government. [...]

New Toyota Proace CITY Electric

New Toyota Proace CITY Electric Goes On Sale

While Toyota carries environmentally friendly and alternative fuel energy resources, especially hybrid, to its cars, it also increases its zero-emission options in the light commercial vehicle segment. New Toyota Proace CITY Electric in the compact van segment with high sales in Europe [...]

gin people prefer luxu in cars

The Chinese Prefer Luxury in Cars

Automobile sales in China continue to increase steadily. According to the statement made by the Chinese Passenger Cars Association (CPCA), in April, passenger car sales in the country increased compared to the same period last year, which experienced a major decline due to Kovid-19. CPCA [...]

vespa produced million scooters a year

Vespa Produces 75 Million Scooters in 19 Years

Vespa, the iconic brand of the motorcycle world, celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, is the same zamIt also celebrates a great production success. Continuing its phenomenon with its technology and original design in every period since 1946, Vespa has only [...]

Toyota is your dream car of the future picture contest submissions continue

Toyota's Dream Car Painting Contest Submissions Continue

Applications continue for the “Your Dream - The Car of the Future” painting contest, which will be held online this year by Toyota within the framework of pandemic measures. Children will be able to participate in the contest by submitting the pictures they have made by the deadline of May 31st. Previous year [...]

mercedes benz turke new global responsibilities
German Car Brands

New Global Responsibilities for Mercedes-Benz Türk

Mercedes-Benz Türk, which has been serving in its operations in Turkey for more than 50 years, continues to increase the employment it provides with the Hoşdere Bus Factory and Aksaray Truck Factory with new responsibilities in areas such as IT, engineering and purchasing. New responsibilities taken [...]

Diesel car sales decreased, electric and hybrid sales increased

Diesel Car Sales Decreased, Electric and Hybrid Sales Increased

In the first 4 months of this year in Turkey, compared to the same period of 2020, diesel-powered automobile sales, whose production has been gradually reduced in the world and whose production is planned to be stopped completely in the future, decreased by 10,3 percent, while sales of electric and hybrid cars [...]

Ford Otosan Production Week Starts Early
American Car Brands

Ford Otosan Starts Production 1 Week Early

Ford Otomotiv Sanayi A.Ş notified the activities of its factories. In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), the following information was given: "In our special case statement dated April 14, 2021, in addition to the continuing global problems in semiconductor supply, [...]