Murat Ekşi: Bought 600 Defender Land Rovers out of Curiosity for Off-Road Vehicles

Murat Minus
Murat Minus

Businessman Murat Ekşi, known for his passion for off-road vehicles, said that he purchased 600 Land Rover Defender land rovers that were put out to tender by the Military. Providing information about his passion and hobby, Ekşi's success in the construction industry is also on the agenda.

Turned his hobby into business

Known for his passion for off-road vehicles, Ekşi said he decided to turn his passion in this direction into business. Stating that he started his activities in this direction by purchasing 1997 Land Rover fleet consisting of 2008-600 model vehicles, Ekşi continued as follows: “I put some of the purchased vehicles for sale in its factory located in Söğütlü 3rd Organized Industrial Zone. Some of the vehicles will be modified as "Off Road" and put up for sale in the form of a new concept. "

Continuing to provide information about its activities in the new commercial field Murat Eksicontinued his explanations as follows:TurkeyThe fact that I knew that 100 thousands of people, including myself, were classic cash defender enthusiasts, was the biggest factor in turning such a business into a business. By finding such an investment right TurkeyI decided to collect the military vehicles for sale in. I believe that these vehicles will be demanded by the enthusiasts after Restore and Modify them. "

In addition, Ekşi offers special restored and modified vehicles He added that they made available on the page named.

Success achieved with the sale of 14 thousand houses

Ekşi, who succeeded in building and selling 2000 thousand houses after 14, said the following about his success, which is also on the agenda in its sector:İstanbul ve SakaryaWhile constructing in, it will have a total length of 2016 kilometers, including the connection roads, which was started in July 400 and when completed, Northern Marmara MotorwayIt was a very important development that will reduce the distance between Istanbul and Karasu to one hour. Because with this development Sakaryaof Karasu It was clear that the demands for the district would increase. The weight of my investments to seize the opportunity. Karasu ve SakaryaI converted to. After 2016, I reached record levels in housing sales, and I achieved great success by selling all the houses I built. "

Expressing that they continue to work on new project designs in order to maintain their experience and success in the construction sector, Ekşi stated that they started out from their passions to increase their presence in new and different sectors.

Sour: We also export hookah tobacco

Stating that his searches for expanding his commercial activity area are encouraging, Ekşi stated that he closely follows new products, markets and opportunities within this scope. Expressing the importance of Turkish tobacco and hookah culture especially for some countries, Ekşi expressed that they are happy that they started to earn foreign currency to our country by exporting hookah tobacco to meet the demands on this issue.


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