Ready For Castrol Ford Team Turkey Bodrum Rally!

Castrol-Ford rally team ready turkey basement Price
Castrol-Ford rally team ready turkey basement Price

giving the name of the European championship in Turkey Castrol Ford Team Turkey in the annals of history, 27 years after he completed his preparations for Rally will be the first rally will be held in Bodrum Bodrum peninsula. The first race of the 2021 organization TOSFED Rally Cup, Castrol Ford Team Turkey aimed at testing the anticipated 2021 Turkey Rally Championship will start as a full team.

The first organization of the 2021 motorsport season in Turkey, will be held for the first time after 27-year hiatus Bodrum peninsula between 10-11 April. The first race of the 2021 TOSFED Rally Cup, named Şevki Gökerman, one of the late automobile sports veterans, will start with the start ceremony on Saturday, April 10 at 18:30. Same zamCurrently the organization TOSFED 2021, the first race of the Rally of Turkey's first and only European Cup champions Castrol Ford Team Turkey Rally Team to compete as a full team.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey will compete in three promising young talent this year

Turks rally in young stars support year pilot team past the target thoroughly renewed and rejuvenated the Castrol Ford Team of young pilots in Turkey ümitcan Ozdemir and Emre Hasbay as well as two young and talented names Ali Türkkan and Can Sarıhan also will compete in the basement Rally.

Ali Türkkan - Onur Aslan duo will compete with brand new Ford Fiesta Rally4

Born in 1999, Ali Türkkan and Co-pilot Onur Aslan will compete in the seat of Ford Fiesta Rally4, Ford's new car that has dominated the two-wheel drive class in the rally world. His career began with track racing and won the Turkey Track Championship Türkkan yet 18 years old, in 2019, made the transition from track racing to the rally. WRC Rally of Turkey in the past years 'youth' category in race # 3 duo completed this year and the way of Turkey Rally Championship Rally of Turkey Pulls Two Young Drivers Championship Castrol Ford Team will represent Turkey.

Emre Hasbay, born in 1995, will compete in the seat of Ford Fiesta R2T with his experienced co-driver Burak Erdener. Turks rally to bring young talent initiated with the objective "Drive to the Future" selected under the project and the 2019 Castrol Ford Team Turkey Hasbay starting to compete at the site, 2021 Turkey Rally Championship Manufacturers' Cup will compete in order to gain valuable points sets the path.

The son of Adnan Sarıhan, one of the former champion pilots, a young talent who has been trained in the team's infrastructure since a young age and learned rally in the kitchen of the team, Can Sarıhan, one of the new young talents of the team, was born in 1998, together with his co-pilot Afşin Baydar. will race in the seat.

Turkey Rally Championship winning team in the 2019 4-wheel drive Fiesta R5 seat Umitcan Özdemir this year with co-pilot seat Batuhan Memişyazıc the duo. Ümitcan Özdemir, who won consecutive championships with his Fiesta R2T car in the 2-wheel drive class in recent years, gets behind the wheel of the 4-wheel drive Fiesta R5 on asphalt for the first time.

Performance, robustness and in this race also register with strong background in rallying the most preferred car brand with Ford Racing 4 teams of pilots, except for amateur and young pilots a total of 16 team of Castrol Ford Team Turkey clashed in the basement under Rally with Ford Fiesta will start.

Champion pilot Murat Bostancı to guide young pilots

Castrol Ford Team Turkey Murat Bostanci from this year's champion pilot private pilot's seat, made the transition to coaching the pilot's seat. Bostancı will work closely with the young pilots of the team this year as well. also many years of experience and knowledge gained in Turkey and Europe will now try to transfer to other pilots of the team. Serdar Bostancı, who has been the team director since the first day of the team, will again be in charge of the team honorably.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey, brands, and is aiming for the championship in two draws young people

Supported by young pilots in Europe and to move to a competitive level in the World Championship and the Turkish rally on again before unearned international championship, acting with the aim to bring to Turkey Castrol Ford Team Turkey, with the restructuring of this year, that in 2021 Turkey Rally Constructors Championship, 2021 Turkey Rally Young Drivers Championship, 2021 Turkey Rally Championship Truck of the two targets.

Young talent "Turkey Rally Championship" is ready

The first race of the most esteemed organization of Turkey Turkey Rally Championship, motor sports will take place on 24-25 April, the same zamIt will start with the Eskişehir Rally, which is the first leg of the European Rally Cup at the moment. 6 The condition foot out the planned 2021 Turkey Rally Championship calendar will end with the Istanbul Rally in October. Castrol Ford Team Turkey the same this year zamCurrently young pilots Ali aims to represent Turkey in the 2021 European Rally Cup with Türkkan.

2021 Turkey Rally Championship Calendar:

April 24-25 Eskişehir Rally (Asphalt)
29-30 May Yeşil Bursa Rally (Asphalt)
3-4 July Hittite Rally Ankara (Asphalt)
7-8 August Kocaeli Rally (Soil)
4-5 September Aegean Rally Denizli (Toprak)
23-24 October Istanbul Rally (Toprak)

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