Pay Attention To These Suggestions During Full Closing For Your Eye Health!


The Covid pandemic, which has shaken our daily life habits deeply for the last year and causes children and adults to spend hours in front of the computer more than ever before, increases the incidence of eye diseases.

Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital Ophthalmology Specialist Dr. Mürüvvet Ayten Tüzünalp said, “In this extraordinary period, which has been difficult for all of us, eye diseases have become quite common. Even in the full shutdown period, we will be in front of the computer for hours, so we can see everything in our eyes. zamwe have to pay more attention than the moment; otherwise it can cause permanent eye damage.” Dr. Mürüvvet Ayten Tüzünalp talked about eye diseases that have become widespread in the pandemic; He made important warnings and suggestions that should not be neglected in terms of eye health, especially during the full closure period.

Dry eyes and red eyes

While looking at the screen, the number of blinks per minute decreases from 15-20 to 5-6. However, since our cornea is fed by our tears, dry eye complaints increase intensively in both adults and children during the period when screen usage times increase so much. Dry eye and redness of the eyes are the most common reasons for application. There is also an increase in allergic conjunctivitis findings due to the adhesion of the allergen substances around our eyes and failure to clean them due to dry eye. This situation, which occurs with itching and redness of the eyes, can also be confused with Covid symptoms. zaman zamIt may also be necessary to request a PCR test from patients at any time.

Cystic stye

There is an increase in stye complaints on the eyelid in infected eyes due to increased dry eye. Cystic styes caused an increase in patients requiring surgical intervention.

Astigmatism and Myopia

Nowadays, when we focus intensively and carefully on computer, tablet and phone screens for a long time, there has been a significant increase in astigmatism and myopia, especially in children. On the other hand, it is necessary to rest the eyes every 20 minutes and be careful not to prolong the time spent on the screen.

Cross eye

Dr. Mürüvvet Ayten Tüzünalp said, “In children who used to have squint but could control it with glasses, looking at the screen for hours due to online education caused a significant increase in gliding. While some of these require surgical intervention, special care should be taken in this group of children, with home games instead of screens. zam“Having a moment will help protect them from surgical intervention.”

Pay attention to these suggestions in full closure!

  • Do not forget to blink your eyes while looking at the screen. Make sure to blink at least 15 times a minute.
  • Rest your eyes for 20 minutes in front of the screen every 5 minutes.
  • Use artificial tear supplements in obligatory situations in consultation with the physician.
  • In particular, make sure that children do not look at the screen for at least 1,5 hours after their online education ends.
  • Since Covid can also be transmitted from the eye, use glasses instead of contact lenses whenever possible. Since it is difficult to use glasses with a mask, there is an increase in the use of contact lenses, so choose daily disposable lenses in this case.

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