Brain Teasers Increase Children's IQ Level by 13 Percent

“Intelligence Cards are a great supporter of right-brain-focused preschool home education as the first and only expert-approved educational material,” says Nur Olcay.

Preschool education starts from birth and plays a big role in children's mental development. In this process, educational activities that parents do at home with their children, especially in the early period, are as critical as the curriculum of educational institutions. According to a study conducted by the University of Berkeley in the United States, you can use intelligence games twice a week zamThere is a 13% increase in the IQ (intelligence) levels of the children who have a moment, and a 32% increase in the logical thinking levels. preschool education to 1 million 629 thousand 720 children is located in Turkey if the interruption in the process of pandemic began a year ago in training face to face, children with increased time spent away from home but it seems she got to be the beginning of more screens. As part of the new epidemic measures taken at the end of March, children who are expected to stay at home on weekends for at least 1,5 months are zamThe search for parents to pass the moment also continues. If the answer right brain oriented arrived home early from sevgilibebek introducing training in Turkey. Founded 8 years ago, the initiative aims to contribute to children's potential intelligence development with materials called Intelligence Cards.

The return on each unit investment in early education is 7-8.

Nur Olcay, the founder of, who aims to support the mental development of children in the preschool period starting from birth, expressed the starting point of the initiative as follows: “This is a starfish project in my eyes. An initiative that tries to save thousands of starfish that hit the beach as much as they can. With this in mind, I rolled up my sleeves and founded DearBaby in 2013. We provide children with educational materials developed in the light of scientific research that prove that every investment made in pre-school education is 7-8 times the return in the future. We support parents with a road map that sheds light on raising children who are self-confident, happy, healthy, curious, questioning and at peace with them. "

The first and only expert-approved material in early education provides many benefits

They developed intelligence Cards right-brain oriented first and only specialist home pre-school education approved training material is stressed Nur Olcay, "in 2014. Far East origin in shisha and American Glenn Doman early to bring home training methods to Turkey, sevgilibebek have designed Intelligence Cards and We put it up for sale on our site. To date, we have succeeded in introducing more than 100 thousand parents to home education methods that focus on teaching the basic skills of the 21st century. Dear Baby Intelligence Cards consist of images selected in line with different criteria that create a perception gap from birth and build the brain infrastructure on faster and more efficient work for the future. "These visuals help babies build a wide-ranging general culture repertoire in their right brain lobes through interactive-based presentations, and develop children's speech and language skills, as well as their imagination and learning instincts."

To increase awareness of early education prioritizing what they identify and parents and educators the products they offer and materials, perception is high, the potential for exploring able to use the highest level of generations, emphasizing that they try to contribute to the training Olcay, gave information about new projects: "In recent days, still again in Turkey We are very excited to make the first one. We will bring home the game of hide and seek, which offers comprehensive cognitive gains for developing minds, with an interactive book fiction. "

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