Last minute! Military Plane Crashed in Izmir! 2 pilots rescued alive

2 pilots were rescued alive from the plane, which fell into the sea off Foça for an unknown reason and suffered an accident.

The Ministry of National Defense (MSB) made a statement on the subject on its Twitter account. The statement included the following statements: “Our KT-2 type aircraft, serving in our 1nd Main Jet Base Command in Izmir, fell into the sea off Foça for an unspecified reason during the training flight, and suffered an accident. Two pilots were rescued alive with the immediate search and rescue work. "

“From the first moment of the accident, 1 search and rescue helicopter from our air forces, 1 search and rescue helicopter and 1 UAV from our naval forces, 3 coast guard boats and 1 search and rescue aircraft from the Coast Guard Command were assigned. The condition of our 2 pilots who survived the accident is good and their treatment has been started in the hospital. The necessary investigation has been initiated on the subject. We would like to thank our fishermen and all our citizens who supported the search and rescue activities in the region, and we would like to express our gratitude. "

military aircraft falling pilot was rescued right in izmir at the last minute


İzmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger reported that two pilots on the training plane that fell into the sea off the town of Foça were rescued. Köşger stated that the KT-2 type training plane, which took off from Çiğli 1nd Main Jet Base, crashed into the sea off the British Cape in Borak Island in Foça for an unknown reason.

Emphasizing that the search and rescue activity started immediately upon the notice, Köşger said, "Our two pilots were rescued by the Coast Guard teams." said. Köşger added that work on the wreckage of the plane continues.


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