TCDD Guest House Fees for 2021

year tcdd guesthouse fees
year tcdd guesthouse fees

In social facilities owned by public institutions and organizations, the minimum wages to be applied in 2021 and the rules to be followed are determined by the "Communiqué on Public Social Facilities" published in the Official Gazette dated 13.01.2020 and numbered 31363 of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

Communiqué published in the frame, from the date of 22.02.2020 the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), accommodation fees to be applied in determining the guesthouse is also attached. In the paragraph 7 of the article 1 of the Communiqué titled "Common issues", it is stated that "It is essential not to make any contribution from the budgets of the relevant institutions and organizations for the operating expenses of the social facilities". All kinds of measures will be taken to meet the operating expenses of the guesthouses from their own revenues and no problem will be caused in this regard.

The approval of the General Directorate will be obtained in advance for the purchase of all kinds of fixture materials, maintenance, repair, modification and repairs to be made in TCDD Guesthouses and Locals over 20.000,00 TL.

In addition, the application principles specified in the Communiqué will be meticulously followed.

year tcdd guesthouse fees


Other Issues;

1- The accommodation fee to be collected from the temporary agency and public personnel who will benefit from the guesthouses is the entire amount of the daily wages with an increase of 10% for the first 50 days of the temporary assignment, 1/2 of the daily wages without increase for the following days, the accommodation fee to be collected from the temporary inspectors is 50% of the domestic daily wages. cannot exceed the entire incremental amount.

2- TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. If the staff wishes to stay alone in the rooms, the part exceeding one and a half times of the per diem will be collected in advance.

3 - a) In our facilities where breakfast service is provided;

  • If you are offered up to 5 types of food, the breakfast fee is 10 TL.
  • If 7 types or more are offered, Breakfast fee is 15 TL.
  • If 9 types or more are offered, the breakfast fee is 20 TL.

b) Breakfast is included in the fee at Haydarpaşa Guest House.

4 - Group discounts at the rate of 10% are made for collective accommodation of 20 or more persons other than TCDD and Other Public personnel.

(*) Training programs will be implemented primarily in Fenerbahçe Training and Recreation Facilities, and accommodation services will be provided when available, apart from training programs. Therefore, pre-booking for accommodation

For the Full Text of TCDD Guest House Fees Communiqué for 2021 CLICK HERE

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