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How much do F1 teams trust the FIA?

The release of the FIA's findings from its 2022 spending reviews has created a lot of anticipation in Formula 1. During this wait, the possibility of detecting that one or more teams violated the rules came to the fore. [...]

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Steering failure was the reason why Ocon was out of the race.

Ocon confirmed the steering failure he experienced in Monza and said that the weekend was a nightmare. Ocon said: “We withdrew from the race due to safety concerns. “The steering was locking during corners and we did not want the steering to fail completely.” said. “Therefore, withdrawing from the race [...]

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Artvin Picnic Places | Artvin Picnic Areas

rtvin is a city famous for its green nature and natural beauties. Therefore, there are many places to have a picnic in Artvin. Here are the most popular picnic places in Artvin: Hatila Valley National Park: Hatila Valley National Park [...]

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Some teaser images of 2024 Skoda Superb were shared

Skoda aims to hold on to the middle class sedan segment by redesigning the 2024 Superb. In Europe, the middle class sedan segment is getting smaller and smaller. The withdrawal of the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia, Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Arteon is important in this segment. [...]


Why eSports should be in the Olympics

Competitive multiplayer video games known as electronic sports have become a global sensation. Expert players compete with each other in online games such as League of Legends and Overwatch. Millions of fans, their favorite [...]

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Hamilton had to diet after the holidays!

Lewis Hamilton spent his 2023 Formula 1 summer vacation very energetically. However, Hamilton's vacation proved a little too energetic for him. Speaking on stage at the Dutch GP weekend, he explained how he spent his vacation. [...]