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Antalya Picnic Places | Antalya Picnic Areas

Antalya is known as a beautiful holiday and nature destination in Turkey and offers many great places for a picnic. Here are some beautiful places where you can have a picnic in Antalya: Kurşunlu Waterfall: One of the natural beauties of Antalya. [...]

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Volkswagen 2023 September Price List

Volkswagen Polo Price List September 2023 Volkswagen Polo has been produced since 1975 as a small-class car of the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen. Polo was launched in 2023 with its sixth generation and has many features and features. [...]

British Car Brands

Interest in Mini Clubman is decreasing

Mini Clubman is getting ready to be discontinued. Stefanie Wurst, president of the Mini brand, which is the manager of the BMW Group, said that the Mini Clubman Final Edition model, which will be available in the US market in 2024, will be the last model of the Clubman. [...]

Japanese Car Brands

New generation battery technologies coming from Toyota

Toyota is preparing to start production of new generation electric vehicles from 2026. Developing cars that offer advanced driving experience with its new generation electric vehicles, Toyota is working on new battery projects that will exceed the needs and expectations of customers. [...]