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What is Pressure Pad?

Pressure lining is an indispensable part of the brake systems of vehicles. So what exactly is this important piece? The pressure lining is a tool that converts the vehicle's movement energy into heat energy and thus reduces the speed of the vehicle or [...]

volkswagen gti e
German Car Brands

Volkswagen electric ID. GTI introduced

Volkswagen, ID. Introducing the GTI Concept: Carrying the history of the GTI into the electric future Volkswagen, the electrified version of the iconic GTI, ID. It introduced the GTI Concept at the IAA Mobility 2023 event. This concept marks the history of the GTI for 48 years. [...]

German Car Brands

New Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain introduced

Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain: Modern design, powerful engine and off-road capabilities Mercedes-Benz has officially introduced the All-Terrain, the land-oriented version of the E-Class family. The E-Class All-Terrain, which winks at modern Mercedes models from the outside, is under its skin. [...]

Pepe Marti
formula 1

Red Bull acquired Alonso's student

Marti, Red Bull's new young talent Franco Marti, who attracted attention with his performance in Formula 3 this season, joined Red Bull's young driver training program. Directly from Formula 2021 in 4 [...]

mxgp europe

Bonacorsi, the champion of motocross in Europe

The European Motocross champion, who took part in the MXGP Turkey organization, became Italian Andrea Bonacorsi from Yamaha with 393 points. Dutch Kay Karssemakers from Husqvarna finished second with 334 points, and Dutch Cas Valk from Fantic was third with 305 points. [...]

mxgp champion

Duncan became the first champion in MXGP Turkey

The first champion in MXGP Turkey, where the best of the world compete, has been determined. Courtney Duncan won the championship in MXWOMEN Turkey, the last race of the World Women's Motocross Championship. Duncan is a fourth-time champion from Kawasaki from New Zealand [...]