Why eSports should be in the Olympics


Competitive multiplayer video games, known as electronic sports, have become a global sensation. Expert players compete with each other in online games such as League of Legends and Overwatch. Millions of fans also tune in to watch their favorite eSports players compete in tournaments.

It got people talking about whether eSports should make it into the Olympics. Here we will explore the reasons why. We will also discuss concerns about eSports at the Olympics and what the future holds for eSports. So why should e-belief be included in the Olympics? Let's find out.

Reasons why esports should be included in the Olympics

Video games are popular in many ways. Today, players are more likely to try new games without having special skills. A little online pin up casino They can visit. Gamers say video games should be a part of the Olympics for many reasons. Some of those:

  • Promotes inclusion and diversity
  • Covers technological innovations
  • Can increase profits
  • Has global appeal and huge fan following

In the next paragraphs, we will explain each reason in detail, so you can guess them and make your own decision.

Promotes creativity and diversity

Traditional sports activities are usually limited to certain areas. They also need plenty of resources to plan. However, eSports is available to anyone with an internet connection and a game console.

The core values ​​of the Olympics are peace, unity and understanding among nations. ESports can be an excellent way to unite people from different parts of the world. If the Olympics include esports, it shows that the International Olympic Committee (BOK) appreciates diversity and inclusion.


Additionally, e-games are a diverse industry with players and fans from all walks of life and backgrounds. Many eSports athletes are successful and known for their talents. These athletes represent the next generation of sports stars. By incorporating electronic sports into an Olympic event, the BOK can identify these players and recognize their contributions to the world of sports.

Includes Technical Innovation

The Olympics encompass technological advancements. electric to this zamIncluded are annotators, electronic tablets, and instant repeat from 1912. It improved the experience for both athletes and spectators. Egames, a virtual sport, is also based on technology. This caused him to progress rapidly.


Using technology in e-games can improve the experience of athletes. Additionally, the use of virtual reality can take fans to new heights of experience. It's no surprise that live streaming of Egames events is becoming more popular. Athletes can also enjoy technological innovations. They can be useful in training and performance analysis. Additionally, athletes can use them to improve their skills and improve their performance.

Can increase profits

ESports has advanced the creation of gaming computers, fast Internet, and advanced gaming software. With these, egams became a truly 21st century sport. Additionally, some egams require a large amount of skill and coordination. These do not make them less sportive.

By covering the Games, the Olympics can attract more addicts. There may be young people who are not interested in the Olympics. Also, the global esports industry could earn more than a billion dollars by 2025. So esports at the Olympics can increase benefits through sponsorship and television rights. Similarly, product sales can be increased to support the economy.

Has Global Appeal and Huge Fan Base

The growing eSports narcissists are obvious. Attendance numbers rival classics like basketball and football. Major tournaments and leagues are also sold out in arenas. As a result, players have the chance to win gifts worth millions of dollars and entertain their fans with a grand show. The appeal of electronic sports can also be seen because young addicts love it.

And as we all know, this demographic is very welcomed by advertisers and marketers. The global appeal of egams is also a big boost. Online games and e-gaming tournaments are available to anyone with an internet connection. It has made it easier for different people to come together to compete and watch their favorite e-gaming events. With the great benefits that Egames brings to the table, it is clear that they should be in the Olympics.

Resolving Concerns and Issues Regarding the Inclusion of eSports in the Olympic Event

As virtual sports continue to grow in popularity, more people are advocating for their inclusion in the Olympics. Still, BOK needs to address some concerns and issues. This must be done before owners can integrate into Olympic events. Some problems are:

  • Many people do not consider posses as real sports.
  • Some video games contain adult content.
  • ESports can provide a fair playing field for all players.
  • E-Sports can distract attention from ordinary sports.
  • The management of egams in the Olympic event is not clear.
  • Electronic athletes have legitimacy as athletes.

Many people do not consider games to be a real sport

Critics argue that the Olympics should be reserved for classics who need physical activity. However, many Olympic sports, such as shooting, do not require physical strength. However, they are still considered sporting activities.

Some Video Games Have Adult Content

Graphic content in some games has led to calls for restrictions on game types in eSports competitions. Such measures ensure that the games are suitable for all ages. However, it should be noted that many games, such as boxing, consist of physical violence.

ESports can provide a fair playing field for all players

ESports athletes may gain an advantage with better females or faster internet connections. This is a serious problem, but BOK can easily solve it. With relevant rules and regulations, players can compete fairly.

E-Sports can draw attention away from traditional sports

Some are concerned that esports at the Olympics could distract from regular sporting activities. But eSports at the Olympics could bring more attention and interest to the event.

Game Management Uncertain at Olympic Event

There are also concerns about how the Olympics will govern electronic sports, with the International Olympic Committee (BOK) and international sports federations owning Olympic rules. ESport also has its own rules. Therefore, it remains unclear how these rules will fit into the Olympic movement.

Players' legitimacy as athletes is in question

ESports players train and train for hours to improve their skills. It is like athletes in other traditional sports. Egames players also face mental and physical challenges. And these are just as difficult as those faced by ordinary athletes.

Examples of successful integration of e-sports into Regular Sports Measures

Debate continues over whether the Olympics were entered by their owners. But some sporting events have already embraced the growing popularity of their owners. Here are some examples of sporting events integrating eSports games into their programs:

  • Asian Games
  • Formula E
  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • FIFA World Cup
  • X Games

Asian Games

This Asian event is a sporting event that reflects the broad spectrum of sports. Egames became a sport in 2018. League of Legends, Hearthstone and Pro Evolution Soccer games were exhibited. These eSports events regularly attracted sports enthusiasts and gaming folk.

Formula E

Formula E is a series of electric car races. This includes eSports by launching the abb FIA Formula E Race at Home Challenge. The challenge was during the COVID-19 pandemic. Professional drivers and players competed against each other in simulated races. Millions of viewers streamed the event online. It brought a huge profit to the organisers.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

The NBA has also recognized the potential of eSports. It created its own eSports lake, the NBA 2K League. There are eSports players representing NBA teams in the league. These teams compete against each other in the popular NBA 2K video game.

league o zamHe has been successful ever since and has a growing narcissistic base. Great interiors have also signed sponsorship deals.

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest event in world football. He also realized the potential of e-sports by launching the FIFA e-World Cup. The event features players competing in FIFA, a popular football video game.

Fortunately, the event is zamIt has been successful ever since. It's quite obvious with the increasing number of players and huge winnings.

X Games

The X Games is a popular extreme sports event hosted by ESPN. In 2014, they included the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts as a medal event. It caught people's attention and became one of the most popular events in the competition. It also helped the competition gain a large number of viewers.

O zamSince then, it has continued to include video games in its program of events. Those as popular as Apex Legends are now attending the event.


The BOK has not yet made a final decision on the idea of ​​e-sports in the Olympic program. But the truth is that eSports are becoming more popular around the world. In addition, virtual games are becoming increasingly popular and professional players are growing. This led to the establishment of an international esports federation.

No wonder eSports has become a huge industry. Like other athletes, the participating players are well prepared for the matches. As the distinction between sports and games becomes less clear, it will be interesting to see whether e-sports become a regular part of Olympic activities.