What you need to know about disabled driving

What You Need to Know About Disabled Driving

In order to raise the living standards of the disabled and to enable them to continue their lives more easily, there are various facilities provided by the state, especially the excise duty exemption. In order to access these facilities, you only need to meet certain conditions. [...]

bursa autocross cup orhangazide

Bursa Autocross Cup in Orhangazi

The 2021 Bursa Autocross Cup races, organized by Bursa Automobile Sports Club, whose short name is BOSSEK, will be run on Sunday, August 22, 2021 in Orhangazi. The organization, which will be held with the contributions of Orhangazi Municipality, will be held at Lake Iznik. [...]

Otokar extended its scorpion ii family with scorpion iid

Otokar Extends AKREP II Family with AKREP IId

One of the Koç Group companies, Turkey's global land systems manufacturer Otokar continues its claim in the defense industry with the new member of the AKREP II product family, the diesel engine version AKREP IId. AKREP IId, which users are eagerly waiting for, [...]

illegally modified traffic creates a danger

Illegal Modification Creates Danger in Traffic

Teoman Deniz, the founder of Oruçoğlu company, said that they rejected the requests for modified vehicles that do not comply with the Highway Traffic Regulations, and said, “Don't forget to say modified. Actually, this is a very important issue. Unfortunately, some companies in the field of modification [...]

Which are the cheapest zero cars after the otv discount?

Cheapest New Car Prices After SCT Deduction

After the change in the Special Consumption Tax, known as the Special Consumption Tax, researches on many subjects such as vehicles with falling prices, the cheapest new cars and car prices gained momentum. After the change in the excise tax base [...]