Petlas 2021 Turkish Off-Road Championship 2nd Leg will be held in Denizli

Petlas Turkey Off Road Championship leg will be held in Denizli
Petlas Turkey Off Road Championship leg will be held in Denizli

PETLAS 2021 Turkey Offroad Championship 2nd leg will be held by Denizli Offroad Club, whose short name is DENDOFF, on 21-22 August in Denizli's Merkezefendi district.

DENDOFF, which has contributed to sports with its successful organizational ability by hosting the Turkish Offroad Championship in recent years, and Merkezefendi Municipality, which has made a name for itself with its built-in offroad track, which is set as an example throughout the country, has carefully prepared for this great organization. The organization, which will be held on the Merkezefendi Municipality Offroad Track, which has been reconstructed in its new location in order to increase the spectator comfort and infrastructure opportunities, will be the scene of great excitement for both days.

Starting from 21:12.00 on Saturday, August 14,45st, the 4 km. route, which is located in Göveçlik and will be called Kanan Collissanturk. The teams, which will pass the long forest stage 19.00 times, will complete the first day in the service area as of 22. The teams, who will take the wheel again on the morning of August 11.30, Sunday, the second of the race, at 12.20 am, will be at the 17.00 km track, which will be passed under the name Kazım Arslan from 6 to 3. They will pass the spectator special stage in Merkezefendi 19.15 times. Denizli Offroad Race will end with the award ceremony to be held at XNUMX.

Evaluating the organization, TC Merkezefendi Municipality Mayor Mr. In his statement, Şeniz Doğan said, “After a one-year mandatory break due to the pandemic, we will bring the offroad excitement back to Denizli on August 21 and 22. We plan to take our organizational success to a higher level with our new track this year. Our new track will offer better visibility and higher viewing pleasure. The track structure will provide better driving opportunities for the pilots. In addition, we have completed our work to bring our service area to the level that is most suitable for TOSFED criteria. We invite everyone who loves this sport and wants to feel the excitement and adrenaline to our race.” He invited all offroad enthusiasts, from athletes to spectators.

2019 Turkey Offroad Champion and the same zamKenan Özsoy, who is currently serving as the DENDOFF president, said, “We have mobilized to spread the offroad sport to large masses and to carry out a quality organization in the sportive sense. We follow the work on site every day. We are planning a race that will be enjoyed by our fellow athletes from other provinces and enjoyed by thousands of spectators who have not left us alone for years. For his valuable support, our Mayor of Merkezefendi Municipality, Mr. I would like to thank Şeniz Doğan and all our club members for their devoted work. We are preparing an organization worthy of our Denizli and we hope to see all sports fans among us on 21-22 August.”

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