temsanin electric will transform public transport in myrtle

Temsa's Electric Will Transform Public Transport in Mersin!

TEMSA introduced the electric bus MD9 electriCITY in Mersin, which has expanded its public transportation network with its environmentally friendly transportation network. Within the scope of the demo program, the vehicle, which took a test drive on the city roads by the Metropolitan Municipality, was fully appreciated by the captains and passengers. [...]

LPG conversion can now be applied to all vehicles

LPG Conversion Can Now Be Applied to All Vehicles

LPG conversion was renewed with a focus on the development of automotive technology. BRC, the world's largest manufacturer of alternative fuel systems, has taken steps to prevent LPG kits, which cause compatibility problems in vehicles with new generation technology, [...]

pre-insurance pert vehicle inspection

Pre-Insurance Pert Vehicle Control

Vehicles that have become irreparable due to heavy damage are called pert vehicles. So, what are the details that buyers need to know when buying and selling pert vehicles? TÜV SÜD D-Expert is for you in its latest blog post. [...]