audi skysphere introduces concept model
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Audi Introduces Skysphere Concept Model

The Audi skysphere concept shows that it's not just about driving dynamics, but to offer passengers first-class and unique experiences during their journey. Concept model to provide maximum freedom to passengers. [...]


Eating by Digesting Food is Important

Digestion is as important as food in healthy and proper nutrition. Dr. Fevzi Özgönül gave important information on the subject. What is healthy eating? Which foods are healthier and which are unhealthy? How to cook food [...]


Do not delay in the treatment of adenoid growth!

Some conditions that can be considered normal in childhood can actually point to an important health problem. Frequent illness, sleeping with mouth open, snoring during sleep, sweating, waking up frequently, growth and development retardation are quite different from each other. [...]


Attention to Heart Health in Hot!

Cardiovascular Diseases Specialist Dr. Dr. Muharrem Arslandag gave information on the subject. Cardiovascular diseases, which are the most important cause of death today, are one of every 2-3 people despite the increasing technology. [...]


Men have a higher risk of cancer recurrence than women

According to a new report published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, in the long-term follow-up of 1.5 million cancer patients who had previously been diagnosed with cancer, these individuals were diagnosed with a different cancer in the following years. [...]

volvo car turkey kite supports national athletes

Volvo Car Turkey Supports Kite National Athletes

Volvo Car Turkey renewed its partnership with the Kitemaximum School, which draws attention to natural life and cares about environmental awareness, and established Team Volvo with two national athletes representing Turkey in the European and world championships. End [...]