toyota brings its olympic spirit to the tokyo olympics

Toyota Brings Olympic Spirit to Tokyo Olympics

Toyota once again supported the 'Olympic spirit' with the global campaign “Start Your Impossible-You Are Mobile Free”, which forms the basis of the mobility concept at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, which started with a one-year delay due to the pandemic. [...]

Introducing the new Mercedes Benz Citan
German Car Brands

Introducing the New Mercedes-Benz Citan

Offering numerous driving support and modern safety systems in its standard equipment, the New Mercedes-Benz Citan also offers a comprehensive and intuitive use option with MBUX, which has the "Hey Mercedes" voice command feature. From stunning design [...]


ASELSAN Published Sustainability Report

Adopting the vision of being a technology company that maintains its sustainable growth, is preferred with its competitive power, is trusted, sensitive to the environment and people, ASELSAN accelerated its sustainability efforts. ASELSAN has been around for nearly half a century. [...]


2021 Terrorists Neutralized in 1595

The Ministry of National Defense made a press release on the activities of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). The Ministry of National Defense made a press release on the activities of the Turkish Armed Forces via the video it published on July 29, 2021. [...]

Naval Defense

KoçDefence Signature on Reis Class Submarines

KoçDefunma completed the delivery of the project, which includes the systems of 6 new Reis class submarines, by completing the production and factory acceptance tests. Koç Information and Defense Technologies, which undersigned innovative technologies that strengthen the country's defense [...]


MKE KN12 Sniper Rifle

KN12 is a multi-caliber sniper rifle developed by the Machinery and Chemical Industry (MKE) that can use ammunition of different diameters. KN-12 multi-caliber sniper rifle .308 Winchester, .338 Lapua Magnum [...]

domestic automobile togga ankarada technology center

Domestic Automobile TOGG Technology Center in Ankara

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) held its ordinary board meeting at the Technology Research Center in Ankara last year. TOGG Technology Research Center, located on the campus of TOBB University of Economics and Technology, is a part of university-industry cooperation. [...]