normallesme has begun and scooters have landed on the streets

Normalization Begins E-Scooters Hit the Streets

Due to the pandemic zamThose who spend most of their time in their homes have embraced electric scooters with the lifting of the restriction. Moving from the increasing use of e-scooters, MediaMarkt offers new products and services to users of e-scooters that vary according to price, distance, speed or carrying capacity. [...]


Vitamin D Shield is Vital

Muratbey R&D Center team drew attention to a critical issue in terms of public health by presenting a study emphasizing the importance of vitamin D at the 6th International Congress of Health Sciences and Family Medicine. Within pandemic restrictions [...]


COPD Whatsapp Group Established

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a non-contagious lung disease that affects breathing. It occurs due to deformation in the lungs as a result of inhaling harmful gases for a long time and causes breathing difficulties. [...]