Attention to Bladder Cancer!

Bladder cancer, in which smoking, working in paint, metal, petroleum and petroleum products, and exposure to radiation play a role in its development, continues to be the fearful dream of people. 3-4 times more in men [...]

citroen berlingo advantageous with both loan and cash purchase

May Campaign for Citroen Commercial Vehicle Models

Citroën draws attention with its special offers for commercial vehicle models in May by offering suitable purchase options. Within the scope of the loan campaign offered with the advantage of PSA Finans; Citroën, the most assertive vehicle in its class with its modular design [...]


How should athletes be fed?

Dietitian Salih Gürel gave important information about nutrition in athletes. Adequate and balanced nutrition does not guarantee the success of an athlete, but inadequate and unbalanced nutrition causes some health problems and poor performance. [...]


What is Jaw Surgery?

The jaw is a functional structure formed by the articulation of two bones with each other and with other facial bones. The field that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of structural disorders in the jaw bones is jaw surgery. Plastic and Reconstructive [...]