Website Setup and Translation

Website Setup and Translation

Translation and different languages ​​have had a great place in our lives. Especially with the globalization of the world and the development of technology, translation services can be needed in almost every field. Websites and software [...]

Jeep Crisis Could Damage Auto Industry $ Billion

Chip Crisis Could Damage Auto Industry $ 110 Billion

The balance sheet has started to emerge in the microchip crisis that has been experienced at the global level almost since the New Year. According to the statement made by AlixPartners, one of the leading analysis companies in the sector, it has been announced that the doors of factories that hinder production and [...]


The Secret of Longevity Solved

It is possible to reveal the potential to live approximately 150 years from birth and genetically with complementary treatments. Infinity Regenerative Clinic is a unique restructuring and restructuring method to revitalize the body and prolong your life. [...]


Nutrition Recommendations After Ramadan

Near East University Hospital Dietitian Gültaç Uncle emphasizes the importance of carrying out the process of returning to normal in a controlled manner after Ramadan, when eating habits change. Uncle Gültaç, indigestion and stomach problems experienced in this process. [...]