second hand car sold the most in may

Top Selling Used Cars in May

Cardata, the largest data and second-hand pricing company in the automotive industry, listed the best-selling car models in the used car market in May. With data from Cardata's extensive repository [...]


Myths About Scoliosis

Early diagnosis of scoliosis, which is defined as the rotation of the spine on its own axis and curvature to the side, and which is encountered by 100 out of every 3 adolescent girls today, may be impossible during the pandemic process. Acıbadem Maslak [...]


Is It Possible To Treat Hemorrhoids Without Surgery?

Providing important information about hemorrhoids, also known as hemorrhoids among the people, Medical Park Çanakkale Hospital General Surgery Specialist Dr. Fehim Diker, about the methods used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, “Depending on the condition of the disease. [...]


8 Golden Rules to Prepare Individuals from the Pandemic

During the Covid-19 process, the way they do business has changed, the rhythm of work has become different, and the more difficult ones are those who lost their jobs, those who could not open their shops and those who opened a shop without a cover. Many contracts were frozen, some contracts were force majeure. [...]