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Are you looking for a shipping company in Denizli? Welcome to take advantage of shipping services in Denizli safely. We have been providing services in Denizli city and intercity transportation for a long time… Denizli city [...]

Forklift Tubeless Tires

Forklift Tubeless Tires

Tubeless tires in radial construction to tire structures where the steel wires inside the body forming the tire, including the forklift tire, form an angle of 90 degrees from one bead to the other bead with respect to the tire centerline. [...]


Hidden Cause of Spine Pain

Specialist Physiotherapist Mirsad Alkan, who stated that the right sitting habits are lost with working from home and that the person also engages in unhealthy behaviors such as lying down, said that this is the case with the neglected sacroiliac joint. [...]

Maintenance suggestions for vehicles in spring

Maintenance Recommendations for Vehicles in Spring

Delphi Technologies, which develops future-oriented solutions for automotive equipment manufacturers under the umbrella of BorgWarner, has listed its maintenance recommendations for vehicles that will be on the roads more with the arrival of spring. Tools by Delphi Technologies experts [...]

counting down to the car of the year competition

Countdown to Car of the Year Competition Continues

The calendar of the “Car of the Year-6 in Turkey” competition, organized for the 2021th time by the Automotive Journalists Association (OGD), has been determined. OGD members had a test drive at Istanbul Park on Friday, May 21, before the second vote in June. [...]


Hot Weather Can Trigger Heart Disease!

Rising air temperatures with the approach of summer months pose new risks for heart patients. Near East University Hospital Cardiology Department physicians Dr. Aziz Günsel, heart patients' nutrition, daily activities in this period [...]