New Jaguar XE
British Car Brands

New Jaguar Takes Place in XE Authorized Dealers

While the new Jaguar XE gained a more assertive appearance with its renewed exterior design, it strengthened its sporty appearance with design touches inspired by the brand's sports model F-TYPE. New Jaguar XE is wider to boost aerodynamics [...]

New Ford Fiesta
American Car Brands

2020 Ford Fiesta Technical Specifications

Ford Fiesta has managed to become a popular car because it offers many features such as its compact structure, affordable price, economical fuel consumption, and large interior volume. The 2020 Ford Fiesta has all these features. [...]

Peugeot Made Very Light
French Car Brands

Peugeot 308 Lightly Makeup

The second generation Peugeot 2013, which has been on the road since 308, has seen another makeover while observing the path of the new generation. The wait continues for the French compact hatchback, Mk2017, which underwent a comprehensive aesthetic operation in 3. [...]

New Opel Mokka
German Car Brands

New Opel Mokka Opens the Curtain

Opel Mokka parts continue to make a part of the picture evident with each passing day. The pulse is rising for the new Opel Mokka, which shows its face through its camouflaged visuals. first quarter of next year [...]


Defense Industry Support Program Scope Announced

Presidency of Defense Industry of Turkey Presidency announced the 2020 Call Scope of the Defense Industry Investment and Development Activities Support Program. In the statement made by the Defense Industry Directorate, “Our Agency,“ Defense Industry Investment and Development [...]


TCDD Incentive Exam Date Announced

The date of the promotion exam, which was requested by the Transport Officer-Sen at the TCDD 2019/2 KIK meeting held in December and later requested from the institution in March 2020, was announced. Exams, Traffic Controller, [...]