Jeep Wrangler is the Best Off-Road Vehicle and SUV

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler was awarded for the fourth time by readers of the German SUV and 4 × 4 magazine Auto Bild Allrad. Wrangler, which has signed more than 2 million sales since the first day it was produced and offered for sale in our country in May, Auto Bild Allrad “Best Off-Road Vehicle and SUV” was selected among the category determined in the survey voted by its readers. With this success, the new Jeep Wrangler has outperformed the models of all premium German manufacturers.

Awarded for the Fourth Time

The Jeep was awarded for the fourth time by readers of the legendary model Wrangler and the expert SUV of Germany and Auto Bild Allrad, the 4 × 4 magazine. The Auto Bild Allrad survey, which is held every year and where the most favorite vehicles are determined by the votes of the readers, was held this year with a total of 10 models in 218 categories. In the poll voted by the readers; Choosing the “Best” off-road vehicle and SUV in the category determined by price range, Jeep Wrangler also outperformed all German competitors producing premium SUV models. Wrangler, which is the starting point of the worlds first light land vehicle, Willys-Overland MB, continues its development until today, while its readers regarded Wrangler as the most versatile vehicle of both asphalt and non-asphalt roads.

The new generation of award-winning Jeep Wrangler was launched in May in our country. The legendary model that attracts great attention; The 2.0-liter 270 HP petrol engine and the 8-speed automatic transmission combination stand out with its high-end 4 × 4 capability and extensive safety equipment. Source: Source: Hibya News Agency

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