Turkish F-35s Officially Delivered to the U.S. Air Force


Six F-35A Lightning II aircraft produced for the Turkish Air Force under the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program will be taken into the US Air Force inventory.

According to information obtained by Reuters, the US Senate committee; US Air Force, the 6 F-35 aircraft produced in Turkey gave the authority to modify. Can not come to this scope, produced for the Turkish Air Force by Lockheed Martin, but the S-400 supply the pretext of sanctions imposed due to the Republic of Turkey territory and 7th Main Jet Base Command stationed unable to F-35 aircraft, painting by changing the US Air Force to be taken into inventory.

also wonder how a process will be monitored by Turkey on the other hand F-35 fighter jets paid for the supply of 1.4 billion US dollars for the return of the money. In recent days, Defense Minister Hulusi statement made by Akar, "Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F-35 Lightning II regarding Turkey and the United States is among the contract 2.1 billion Minister stressed Akar," Subject continues. We have a contract of $ 2.1 billion. We paid $ 1.4 billion to the USA. While continuing to manufacture more than a thousand parts of these planes, there is a problem. Negotiations are ongoing to alleviate the problems. How did you get the S-400 by not giving us the Patriot, we say don't do the same thing on the F-35. ” statements were included.

"Turkey's separation brings additional cost 500-600 million dollars"

Again, President of the Turkish Presidency Defense Industry Professor. Dr. In the statement made by İsmail DEMİR, “We do not have clear data about what is going on in the United States. However, we have seen the latest developments and more warm relations.

What I constantly emphasize in the F-35 process is that we are a partner in this process, and unilateral actions related to partnership have no legal basis and are not logical. There is no basis for associating this step with the S-400 when we consider the entire partnership structure. Turkey is not a leg to take decisions related to the aircraft but nothing to do and the other a non-issue. Although we rested it on our interlocutors many times and received no logical answers when we voiced it, the process was continued. Even in his own words, the project was said to have an additional cost of at least 500-600 million dollars. Again, according to our calculations, we see an additional cost of at least $ 8 to $ 10 million per plane. ” statements were included.

Source: savunmasanayist

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