Defense Industry Support Program Scope Announced


Republic of Turkey Presidency Defense Industry Presidency announced the 2020 Call Scope of the Defense Industry Investment and Development Activities Support Program.

In the statement made by the Defense Industry Presidency, “Within the scope of the“ Program of Defense, Homeland Security, Aviation and Space Industry ”, which will apply to our Presidency within the scope of the“ Defense Industry Investment and Development Activities Support Program ”, Turkish Lira for the financing they need for the purpose of supporting the investments and exports of domestic industry organizations operating in the fields of defense, homeland security, aviation and space industry. credits can be given as reimbursed.

The interest rate of the loan is half of the annual average compound interest rate of Turkish Lira for Treasury Bills and Government Bonds Sold by Tender Method, which was last published by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey on the date of the Presidential Approval received for your loan application. Azami A loan with a term of 10 years can be given. Firms can make repayments every 6 months or annually (semi-annually or annually). As a guarantee, a bank performance letter of guarantee with a term of 1 year more than the loan term equal to the sum of the principal and interest will be taken.

The steps to be followed for the loan to be given within the scope of the "Defense Industry Investment and Development Activities Support Program" are listed below:

Registration of the company in the industrialization portal and filling in all the data fields requested in the portal ( is)

  • Filling out the company evaluation form (Annex 1)
  • Filling the Investment Feasibility Report (Annex 2)
  • Investment list for expenditures (Annex 3) and proforma invoices must be sent to us.

With the letter stating that you want to use credit within the scope of the "Defense Industry Investment and Development Activities Support Program"; the company evaluation form (Annex 1) the investment feasibility report (Annex 2), investment list (Annex 3) and if there will be a loan request for machinery and equipment, you must make an official application to our Department of Industrialization by adding proforma invoices. Applications will be delivered to the SSB General Documentation Unit until June 30, 2020, 16.00.

The Credit Application will be evaluated by the Evaluation Committee to be established in our Department within the framework of the conditions listed below, and the company may be visited by the commission during the evaluation process. Additional information, documents and changes to the information you have sent may be requested after our application.

Evaluation Commission;

  • Electronic Warfare, Sensing Technologies, Weapon Ammunition, Semiconductor Production Design, Composite Technologies, Material Technologies, Cyber ​​Security, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic / Avionics, Robotic / Autonomous Systems, KBRN areas or the construction of the facility to be built in Ankara Space and Aviation Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (HAB).
  • In case of remaining balance from the resource allocated annually, applications to be made in other areas can be evaluated according to the order of application. ” expressions were included.

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