Became One of the World's Most Valuable Car Manufacturers

Tesla Becomes One of the World's Most Valuable Car Manufacturers
Photo: Tesla

Considered as the pioneer of the electric vehicle industry, Tesla continues to achieve significant successes. The company, which had to face some financial problems in the past years, zamIt does a very good job both in production and sales.

In addition, Tesla, which has become the most valuable automobile manufacturer with a share price of $ 1,000, became the throne of Japanese manufacturer Toyota.

The US-based automaker has managed to take first place on the list, which it has been climbing very rapidly over the past few years. Tesla; With the energy and technology studies, most of the amount that the company earned came from car sales, rather than a car manufacturer.

The company, which has made a great leap in the stock market in 2018, has been difficult and very short. Now the company has reached over $ 1,000 per share, and its market value has exceeded $ 180 billion.

With this new market value, the company displaced Toyota, worth $ 179 billion, and took first place.

Although Tesla has proven its success by ranking first in this list of such powerful companies, the decline in other companies has a share in the success of the brand.

Toyota, which replaced Tesla, has lost 7 percent of its value since the beginning of the year. However, the company suffered 20 percent depreciation during the epidemic and managed to compensate for the vast majority of these losses.

At the moment, the list of the 20 most valuable car manufacturers is as follows:

1: Tesla

2: Toyota

3: Volkswagen

4: Honda

5: Daimler

6: Ferrari

7: BMW

8: General Motors


10: Ford

11: Hyundai

12: BYD

13: Fiat Chrysler (FCA)

14: Subaru

15: Suzuki

16: Nissan

17: Geely

18: Groupe PSA

19: Renault

20: FAW

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