Curfew Hours Determined at LGS and YKS on Weekends

The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced, "On the 20th of June, when LGS will be held, the citizens will be restricted to go out in 09.00 provinces, except for exceptions, between 15.00-81". YKS will be held on 27 June Saturday 09.30-15.00, 28 June Sunday 09.30-18.30 [...]

The tire of the future should be fuel-saving first

The Tire of the Future Should Be Fuel-Saving First

In the “Tire of the Future” survey conducted by Continental and Forsa together, the participants stated that tire engineers should prioritize fuel savings and think that the price-performance ratio is more important than sustainable production. End zamchanging tire of drivers in moments [...]

seat introduces new urban mobility brand seat mo
German Car Brands

SEAT Introduced New Urban Mobility Brand SEAT MÓ

SEAT also made the physical opening of CASA SEAT, the experience center in Barcelona, ​​after digital opening. The Spanish brand was launched at the launch of its brand SEAT MÓ, which will offer new urban mobility solutions, electric motorcycle SEAT [...]