Lucid Gravity comes with high range!

lucid gravitykm

Lucid Gravity Enters the Luxury SUV Market with a Range of More than 700 km!

Electric car manufacturer Lucid announced its new model Gravity. Gravity, which will intensify the competition in the luxury SUV segment, draws attention with its 708 km range. Production of the vehicle, which has an attractive price tag of $ 80.000, will start towards the end of 2024.

Gravity Offers a Comfortable Cabin for 7 Persons

Lucid describes the Gravity as “an SUV that doesn't compromise on luxury.” Gravity has a three-row seating arrangement, which is rare in electric cars. When the rear seats are folded down, the trunk volume reaches 3.171 L. Offering a spacious cabin for 7 people, the vehicle also has a load capacity of 680 kg.

Gravity Has Performance to Compete with Sports Cars

Lucid announced that Gravity completed the 0-96 km/h acceleration in 3.5 seconds. This value means a performance that can compete with sports cars. Lucid states that it achieves this performance thanks to the 900 Volt architecture it developed. Lucid adds that the batteries are lighter, smaller and more sustainable, providing a range of 15 km with a 320-minute charge. The electric motors of the vehicle are described as "the most efficient engines of today".

Gravity Will Show Itself in the Field, Too

Lucid says Gravity will also be successful off-road. Gravity is equipped with air suspensions called Zero Gravity. These suspensions can detect the terrain and automatically adjust the height of the vehicle. Drivers can also adjust the height themselves if they wish.

Gravity Also Emphasizes Luxury in Interior Design

Lucid promotes Gravity's interior design with the slogan "designed for body and mind." Gravity also has a feature called Lucid Spaces. This feature creates a different atmosphere by changing the modes of the cabin. There is a giant 34-inch screen on the front console. On the center console, there is another screen called Pilot Panel. This screen shows the vehicle's settings and air conditioning menu.

Gravity is also inspired by its brother Air in Exterior Design

Lucid says that Gravity's exterior design also bears traces of its brother Air. Gravity displays a sporty appearance with a sharp hood design and slim headlights. We can say that it has a more attractive and emotional design than other luxury models.

Although Lucid has announced the maximum range and starting price of Gravity, it has not yet shared the price and range information of other versions. Gravity is expected to hit the roads in 2024.