Women Have 25 Percent Fewer Traffic Accidents Than Men

women have fewer traffic accidents than men
women have fewer traffic accidents than men

Turkey's first free-roaming car sharing brand, MOOV, shared information about the traffic accidents experienced in rentals in order to draw attention to the Road Safety and Traffic Week and to remind the importance of obeying the traffic rules. Contrary to popular belief, Garenta stated that women had 25 percent less traffic accidents than men, and ikinciyeni.com General Manager Emre Ayyıldız said that most traffic accidents occur at intersections.

MOOV, the leading brand in the car sharing sector with its fully digital infrastructure, shared information about the accidents in the rental services as part of the Road Safety and Traffic Week. Garenta and ikinciyeni.com General Manager Emre Ayyıldız stated that they had interesting results when they examined the traffic accidents in the rental of the MOOV and said, “According to the report we prepared based on the MOOV rentals, women have 25 percent less traffic accidents than men. This actually shows us that women drive safer and safer vehicles, ”he said.

Saying that they also examined traffic accidents according to age groups, Emre Ayyıldız said, “53 percent of the traffic accidents with MOOV vehicles occurred in vehicles used by MOOVERs in the 18-24 age group. On the other hand, we see that traffic accidents are mostly experienced at uncontrolled intersections with a rate of over 70 percent ”.

Stating that they reward MOOVERs who take care of traffic safety and comply with the rules, Ayyıldız said, `` With the 'Master of the Roads MOOVER Day Campaign', we offer a 3% discount to MOOVERs who rent within 20 months on the last Tuesday of each month and do not have traffic fines, damage and accident records. . In addition, we are preparing to implement different projects to ensure the safety of both MOOVERs and traffic ”.

Economical and environmentally friendly way to rent a car: MOOV

At MOOV, which offers freedom in renting a car through a single application in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, the entire process from contract to leasing is carried out digitally. With its fully digital infrastructure, vehicles that are regularly cleaned and disinfected without any extra contact, you can enjoy the freedom of renting a car with prices starting from 15 TL for 16 minutes.

In addition to the economic benefit it offers, less carbon emission is emitted if the transportation needs are met with vehicle sharing services such as MOOV, which is an environmentally friendly transportation model. With the active use of 1 shared vehicle today, 8 vehicles are out of traffic. According to the researches, those who prefer shared vehicles travel 11 percent less mileage compared to those who travel with their personal vehicles. With 2 million leases at MOOV, 12 thousand tons of CO2 emission is prevented, 8700 tons of water is saved annually with optimum cleaning methods, and 403 trees are prevented from being cut down with digital signature.

In MOOV, where the contract process is carried out fully digitally, this saves 3 million paper, while the digital signature allows an average of 105 thousand km less travel per month and 7875 liters of fuel savings.

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