Toyota Illuminates the Eiffel Tower with Sustainable Hydrogen Energy

Toyota lights up the Eiffel Tower with sustainable hydrogen energy
Toyota lights up the Eiffel Tower with sustainable hydrogen energy

While Toyota continues its efforts to expand the usage areas of hydrogen and popularize hydrogen with its zero emission target, the Eiffel Tower in Paris was illuminated with sustainable lights using Toyota's fuel cell technology. As part of the “Paris de l'hydrogène” organization organized by the Energy Observer, the fuel cell developed by Toyota was used in the hydrogen GEH2 generators in the Eiffel Tower, which is illuminated in green.

The complete greening of the Eiffel Tower, which hosted a visual feast, represented carbon-free renewable hydrogen. Along with this awareness-raising initiative, Toyota's goal of supporting the widespread use of the fuel cell to reduce carbon emissions and accelerate the growth of the hydrogen community was also highlighted.

GEH2 generators used in lighting are the same zamEnergy Observer, around the Eiffel Tower, also supplied electricity to the village. Together with many companies, Toyota has thus revealed its perspective on the sustainable cities of tomorrow with its hydrogen energy and mobility solutions. Toyota, same zamAt the moment, the new Mirai also had the opportunity to introduce a hydrogen city bus produced by CaetanoBus, the REXH2 boat range extender developed in conjunction with EODev, and the GEH2 generators, demonstrating the applications of hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

Toyota Europe President and CEO Matt Harrison emphasized the importance of hydrogen for the brand and the environment, saying:

“Hydrogen fuel cell technology will play a key role in achieving Toyota's 2050 Carbon Neutral target. We made this commitment in 2015 when we announced the 2050 Environmental Goals and introduced the Mirai, the world's first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle. Fuel cell technology is not only in the automotive industry; It will also play a vital role in the goal of achieving carbon neutral in the global transport ecosystem, including the bus, truck, rail, aviation and maritime industries. Paris, on the other hand, is of special importance for Toyota, which is participating in this important organization in France, as it is the official mobility partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Toyota will also continue to supply zero-emission vehicles and advanced mobility products during games to underline its zero-emission mobility solutions and 'Freedom of Mobility for All' understanding. "

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