Moscow's Choice in Automotive Supply Industry Bursa

moscow is preferred in automotive supply industry
moscow is preferred in automotive supply industry

Bursa business world, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and the Russian Federation Moscow Region Governorate organized by the Moscow Promotion Days and Bilateral Business Meetings program met with Russian business people.

BTSO continues to pave the way for international markets with its projects and activities. Within the scope of Moscow Promotional Days event hosted by BTSO, Russian companies came together with BTSO members. Moskova investment opportunities of the events described, BCCI Board Member Muhsin Koçasl and Hasim Kilic, Moscow Region Deputy Governor Vadim Khromov, Moscow Region Investment and Innovation Deputy Minister Anton Loginov, Russia Consul General Andrey Buravov, the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce Representative of Turkey İlia A. Kornilov and Moscow Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Director Elena Kanygina and representatives of Turkish and Russian companies participated.


Last 6 years, Bursa and Turkey, indicating very important projects they had implemented to improve the foreign trade BCCI Board Member Muhsin Koçasl said, "Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the projects we have implemented as a growing Bursamız the voice of Russia in the world around it is between markets. Our country's gateway to the world is exported from Bursa to 188 country. On the other hand, our exports to Russia reached the level of 151 million dollars, while the imports remained at the limit of 300 million dollars. We certainly do not find these numbers sufficient. As the Bursa business world, we are ready to make the highest contribution to the target of carrying trade between the two countries to the levels of 100 billion dollars. ”


Vadim Khromov, Deputy Governor of the Moscow Region of the Russian Federation, said that Bursa is the right address for the supply of spare parts and spare parts needed by automotive investments in Moscow. Khromov invited Bursa business representatives to Moscow in order to increase the cooperation between the two countries. Therefore, our contacts with BTSO are of great importance for us. Bursa's long-term successful experience, especially in the automotive field, proves that we are at the right address for supply needs in our region. We want to host Bursa business representatives in Moscow to further our relations. ”

Following the opening speeches, the meeting continued with presentations on investment opportunities in Moscow and ended with bilateral business meetings with the participation of Turkish and Russian business representatives.

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