How anadol car brand was born

How Anadol Automobile Brand Was Born

xnumx'l year until there were only some European cars, American cars and in Turkey. In accordance with the demand of President Cemal Gürsel for the construction of a national car after the 1960 Revolution, Eskişehir Tülomsaş was established in 1960. [...]

off road racing

Off-Road Racing Breaths in Ordu

Black Sea Off-Road Cup 5th Leg Races, organized with the support of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and under the leadership of Gezenbilir Off-Road Club, were held at Kayabaşı Melet Bridge Location. A special track for Off-Road racers at Kayabaşı Melet Bridge Location. [...]


Crashes at Gaziray Station

Crashes at Gaziray Station! : Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, supported by TCDD'in Gaziray Suburban Project on the station on the ground collapse occurred Başpınar road. Şahinbey who received information from the authorities by making investigations in the region [...]

megane sedana new generation engines

New Generation Engines for Megane Sedan

Produced at OYAK Renault Factories, one of the top three most preferred cars in Turkey, Megane Sedan offers driving pleasure with the new generation turbo petrol and diesel engines it has added to its product range. [...]


Signed for Konya Metro!

Signed for Konya Metro! : Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay announced the signing of signatures for Konya Metro from his social media account. CMC and Taşyapı Consortium and AYGM [...]