Turkey's High Speed ​​Train Stations

Turkey's High Speed ​​Train Stations; After the implementation of Ankara-İstanbul, Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Bursa and Ankara-İzmir High Speed ​​Railway Projects and the rolling of the wheel of the train, YHT, which is as important as railway construction, [...]


Liberalization of Railway Sector and Restructuring of TCDD

Liberalization of Railway Sector and Restructuring of TCDD; When the railways of developed countries are analyzed, it is seen that the sector has been restructured according to changing conditions and needs. The continuation of the development of Turkish railways by gaining momentum, from transportation to railway industry, [...]

izmir favorites on the track

Izmir wins favorites on the track

2019 Turkey Track Championship 4th Leg races were organized by Ülkü Motorsports Club at Ülkü Park Racetrack on 09-10 November. The organization started with official training and qualifying rounds on Saturday, 10 November. [...]


Last Minute Developments in Kanal Istanbul Project

Last Minute Developments in Kanal Istanbul Project: Last minute developments continue to be experienced in Turkey's mega project Kanal Istanbul. While the victims of Kanal Istanbul are waiting for the exact date to be announced in the project, the first digging is still [...]


Historical Development of Railways up today in Turkey

The history of the railways that started to be operated commercially in 1830; It has revealed a process that shapes the modern world. When we look at the history of railways in the world, it is possible to see the huge global effects. The development of the most important networks in Europe, [...]


Importance of Railways to Turkey

Importance of Railways for Turkey; It is the first and most important element of the public transportation approach, which has an increasing importance in terms of transportation systems. It is the dynamo of integration and economic development. Economic, social and cultural development [...]