Channel Istanbul Tender Will Be Held In 2019 Year?

Will Channel Istanbul Tender Be Held in 2019? : What is the latest situation, the tender date for the Kanal Istanbul project, which stands out as the biggest project in the history of the Republic zamwill the moment be announced? Continuous cancellation by the opposition [...]


Feast of Sacrifice for YHT Campaigns

Eid al-Adha Arrangement for YHT Expeditions: Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan said in a statement that various measures were taken to ensure that citizens who want to travel by train due to the Eid al-Adha are not victims and to meet the passenger demand. Between Ankara-Istanbul-Ankara [...]


Basmane Train Station

Basmane Railway Station: The first line designed after the construction of the railway lines in the Ottoman Empire was the Izmir-Kasaba (Turgutlu) line. It was understood by a British initiative for the construction of the line. The foundation of the line is laid in 1664 and the official opening in 1866 [...]

Renault New Concept Vehicle Morphoz

TCDD Pet Transport Rules

You can find detailed information about TCDD Pet Transport Rules in our news and you can enjoy safer and hassle-free travel with your little friends You can take your small pet with you under the following conditions. Small pets that can be transported (birds, cats, fish, [...]

new ceo of the lion was long

Aslan Uzun, the new CEO of TEMSA

Aslan Uzun, the new CEO of TEMSA; Turkey's leaders, the world's leading bus manufacturer TEMSA Temsilcisiv CEO position from the Board of Directors appointed Leo Long. Aslan Uzun graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering and started his career in 1988. [...]

Ford Pick up Emoji Arrives on World Emoji Day
American Car Brands

Ford Pick-up Emoji Arrives on World Emoji Day

Ford Pick-up Emoji Arrives on World Emoji Day; Ford announced that it has applied to add a brand new "Pick-up" emoji to the list of emojis approved by the (Unicode Consortium) Unicode Consortium. New "Pick-up" emoji developed by Ford, Universal Code that evaluates and approves emojis. [...]


Domestic Automobile Transformation from Kardemir!

Karabük Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Inc. (KARDEMIR), the integration of the automotive industry and become a good supplier reported that the company's strategic goal. With a participatory and transparent management approach, both the region and our country's economy [...]

Lewis Hamilton Breaks Record by Winning Great Britain Grand Prix 1
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Lewis Hamilton Wins Great Britain Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Sets Record by Winning the Great Britain Grand Prix; Lewis Hamilton scored an unprecedented victory by winning the Great Britain Grand Prix for the sixth time at home. Thus, his name was written among the legends. [...]

First LPG consumption in Europe in Turkey

First LPG consumption in Europe in Turkey

Turkey, LPG consumption in cars in Europe in the first, ranks second in the world. 80 of all LPG consumed throughout the country is used as autogas. In addition, Turkey, the only country that uses more than gasoline-powered vehicles LPG vehicles. Liters of gasoline [...]


High Speed ​​Train Times Changed From Today

Scheduled times for High Speed ​​Train lines have been updated to be valid as of July 16. High-speed trains, which greatly facilitate our lives in intercity transportation, continue to connect different cities, passengers and cultures. Different travel [...]

BMW CEO Resigns
German Car Brands

BMW's Resignation May Be Electric Cars

The reason for BMW's resignation could be electric cars; BMW, which is among the first companies to start the trend of electric cars, started to renew its electric models such as i3 and i8 only years later. [...]