Defense Sector Meets at this Summit

International Military Radar and Border Security Summit, the new meeting point of the defense industry, will exhibit domestic and national defense force investments. S-400 and F-35 will also be discussed. [...]


Feast of Sacrifice for YHT Campaigns

Organization of Feast of Sacrifice for YHT Expedition: Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said that citizens who want to travel by train due to the Feast of Sacrifice are not victims and to meet the demand of passengers [...]


Basmane Train Station

Basmane Train Station: İzmir-Kasaba (Turgutlu) line is one of the first lines designed after the railway lines in the Ottoman Empire. It was understood by a British initiative for the construction of the line. The foundation of the line is at 1664 [...]

Renault New Concept Vehicle Morphoz

TCDD Pet Transport Rules

You can find detailed information about TCDD Pet Transport Rules in our news and you can enjoy safer and hassle-free travel with your little friends. You can take your small pet with you under the following conditions. Small to be moved [...]

new ceo of the lion was long

Aslan Uzun, the new CEO of TEMSA

Aslan Uzun became the new CEO of TEMSA; Aslan Uzun has been appointed as the Board Representative and CEO of TEMSA, one of the leading bus manufacturers in Turkey and the world. Graduated from Middle East Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department [...]

Ford Pick up Emoji Arrives on World Emoji Day
American Car Brands

Ford Pick-up Emoji Arrives on World Emoji Day

Ford Pick-up Emoji Arrived on World Emoji Day; Ford announced that it has applied to add a brand new “Pick-up” emoji to the list of emojis approved by the (Unicode Consortium) Universal Code Consortium. The new “Pick-up” emoji developed by Ford, [...]

Goodyear tire 1

Goodyear will supply tires for airplanes

Goodyear to Supply Tires for Aircraft; Goodyear has been selected as the “flight radial” tire supplier for the main and nose landing gears of Airbus' new A321XLR aircraft. One of Goodyear's most advanced aviation products, “flight radial” [...]


Ankara Metro Map and Ankaray Rail System

Ankara Metro Rail System Map and Ankaray: public transport service in Ankara, capital of Turkey, which Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO rail transport network. Existing Ankara rail transportation [...]